How Do You Setup Lead Gen Sites To Dominate In The Major Cities Of A County?

By April

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In episode 279 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to setup lead gen sites to dominate in the major cities of a county.

The exact question was:

Question for the Hump Day Hangout on 3/18… I'm working on a client who wants to dominate most of the major cities in a particular county and wants me to build lead gen sites for him. Would you recommend I build one big site with location pages and separate GMBs for each location w/ “”Lead gen brand name of LOCATION””? My plan was to 1. build the site, 2. establish gmbs, 3. order citations, 4. order SEO shield, 5. order link package, 6. order follow up RYS stacks/link packages for specific locations

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