How Do You Silo Structure A Multi-Location Lead Gen Site With Pages As Local Landing Page For Each Location?

By April

In Hump Day Hangouts episode 308, one participant asked how to silo structure a multi-location lead gen site with pages as a local landing page for its location.

The exact question was:

Hey Guys, I'm a little confused on how to set this up. I am setting up a multi-location lead gen site with pages as the local landing page for each location. How do I silo content if each location is its own silo? Each location page is basically a clone of each other (rewritten content) with the same categories types. If there are let's say 20 locations, do I do 20 different articles on the same subject linking each to its own location silo? Or do I do just one article and associate it with the brand? Writing 20 articles on the same topic seems a bit much. But how else do I push relevance and depth through each location silo if I don't write 20 different articles on the same topic? Is linking the content to the brand alone enough? Or could I write one article on a topic, and then add location tags for each location to the article? I've really hit a wall on this one. Not sure how to structure the site architecture around posting content. Thanks.

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