How Do You Structure An Organization Offering Rank And Rent Video Services?

By April

In episode 157 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to structure an organization that offers rank and rent video services.

The exact question was:

I’m following your approach of creating videos for a Profession niche in a particular city, and then scaling out, doing the same for each city with 50K+ population across the state. The initial objective is 50 videos for keywords drawn from Power Suggest Pro, and ranking them on Page 1. I’m documenting my work processes and will be hiring the first VA soon.

My question is, how do you structure your organization? I have always thought I would just set up processes to create a production line for video creation and ranking, however I read an article in Moz that talked about each client being a separate Project. It made sense, as a Project has a timeline, deadlines, accountabilities, etc.. What’s your take? Do you treat each client/objective as a Project like this?

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