How Do You Use Semantic Mastery Battleplan For A Company That Is Rebranding?

By April

In episode 128 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked how to use Semantic Mastery's Battleplan for a company that is rebranding.

The exact question was:

Got the Battleplan and reviewed it. Question, just got a dental client that had to re-brand his practice (desolved partnership). So the main practice name has changed to a new name. He then purchased another practice in a different city. I re-branded his practice website as with the 2 city locations. Do I create just 1 Google Plus pg for the “”…”” or different for each location? Do I need to modify the battleplan for the purchased practice since it already has it's G+ established? A bit confused on how to apply the Battleplan to this situation.

Thanks for your consideration.

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