How Does AnswerConnect Handle Calls For Service Providers As Part Of Local Lead Gen?

By April

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In episode 215 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how AnswerConnect handles calls for service providers as part of local lead gen.

The exact question was:

Great LL Pro Webinar update on Monday!

You mentioned you used, but now prefer to use My question has to do with Niche Selection:

In the training, you mentioned that usually Service Area business are too busy working to be answering a phone call thus the need to use an anwering service, ok I follow you here.

In the call flow when the “”would-be”” client makes that call to your marketing campaign phone number, this call gets rerouted to…let's say to callfire. My question has to do with this call flow.

How does callfire handle this call? Do they answer calls 24×7? do they run thru a script to let the client know someone – a specialist would be calling them back?
How long does it take for callfire to submit this call back to the service provider?

Obviously, this model using an answering service wouldn't work for those cases where you're charging the service provider on a per call bases after the first x minutes of conversation between the client and the service provider.

Or charging based on what callfire does, wouldn't be a phone lead, but rather a lead now.

There has to be an RIO on both parties, me as a lead generation marketer and the client who purchases my leads.

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