How Important Are The Short Links On The GSite Of The SEO Shield?

By April

In episode 291 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the importance of the short links on the Gsite of the SEO shield.

The exact question was:

On the Gsite of the shield there are a number of short links that have MGYB in them. How important are they because I want to sell my clients the shield without them actually being able to figure out where and who it was created by, and how much it costs, because I will be adding my own margin onto it. I’ve considered not telling them that they’ll end up with a Gsite but almost everyone I deal with here in the UK has been burnt by another SEO company so I want to be as transparent as possible. On a slightly different note, if a client doesn’t want to publish their GMB site, can I use the primary URL from the money site as the rel canonical?

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