How to Build Links Using FCS Networker & GSA in IFTTT Networks?


During episode 66 of Semantic Mastery’s weekly Hump Day Hangouts, a viewer asked about the proper way of linking GSA and FCS Networker links in IFTTT networks. The participant wanted to know if it is recommended to create links for each posts or just link it directly to the homepage.

The exact question was:

Hi Bradley, when building links with GSA or FCS Networker should the links be built to individual posts on the IFTTT properties or should they be built to the Homepage of the properties. I would like to know this because I am confused regarding the Link Building Package with SerpSpace; the $240 Package will it build branded Tier1 links to the homepage or Individual Posts to Tier2 Properties.?

In the video, Bradley shows how to create links using the GSA search engine ranker. He also mentioned how link building is done in tier 3 and tier 4 rings. He discourages linking to individual posts since it is less practical and it can take too much time. He highly suggests the use of Backlink Commando, a plugin that can be installed on your WordPress site to automate link building. This plugin can grab all the RSS feed URLS of web properties in a syndication network like Tumblr and Diigo. This search engine optimization strategy is effective in improving your website’s backlink profile.