How To Get Your Content Syndicated For SEO Results – Free & Fast

Getting your content syndicated sounds like an expensive, or complicated, process at first glance. So why would you bother with it? Surely there’s better options out there…

But if that’s the case, why do major websites do it and gain massive results?

Why is content syndication something that you keep hearing about time after time – and for years and years (basically an eternity on the internet)?

It’s because it works and a small, but growing, group has figured out how to get benefits from their content far beyond their own websites.

Now, one of the best parts of this is that you can do this for free.

Yes, free.

See, tons of authority websites want your content on their platform – makes sense, right?

Places like, Tumblr, Blogger, Twitter, and tons of others need your content. Your content is what makes these platforms work and you don’t have to be a content marketer to benefit!

Now, here comes the icing on the cake.

You get SEO benefits from syndicating your content.

That’s right – you might not have realized it, but using just the RSS feed on your website or blog, you can easily syndicate your content our for higher rankings, more traffic, and you can do it for free.

You’ll reach a larger audience all with the use of your original article that before wasn’t doing too much for you and you won’t have to spend endless hours crafting unique articles for guest posting.

Before we go any further, a common question is about whether or not this is duplicate content – and the answer is no it is not, not at all. Duplicate content refers to copied content on the same site – and we’re syndicating just like CNN, NBC, The Times, and millions of other websites.

How to syndicate your content for free

So you’re ready to finally get the benefits of content syndication in your digital marketing? Good, let’s get started.

First off, you’ll need a website or a YouTube channel.

That’s right, you can use the RSS feed from your website OR syndicate content from your YouTube channel – pretty awesome. And yes, you can do both!

For now, we’re going to focus on websites.

Ok, here’s the plan:

Step 1 – Get your website’s RSS Feed

If you’re using WordPress this is super easy. You should be able to use, but for more options or if that doesn’t work for you, check out the WordPress repository info here.

Step 2 – Create accounts wherever you want to syndication your content

Well this is super easy – and you’ve probably already got a bunch of these for promoting your brand and content on social media – Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

If there are any others that you want to include, now’s the time to go create these.

And remember, don’t make a piece of junk account that looks like a sad abandoned red-headed step-child!Take a few minutes and add a logo, theme it to your site, and make it look…well, make it look like something people would actually want to look at

Step 3 – Remove your manual labor and speed up the syndication

Ok, now that you’ve got the RSS feed and you’ve got the sites you want to syndicate content to, we’re going to give you some super powers.

How so?

Well, how much time do you think it would take to manually recreate your content from your website onto each of your social media and web 2.0 properties?

Let’s say you’re really fast.

So, you can do each one in 20 minutes and make it look really good, formatted correctly, images included.

Now, if you have a small syndication network of 10 sites, that’s 200 minutes FOR EACH PIECE OF CONTENT.

That’s crazy. No way.


We’re not going to spend nearly 3 and a half hours doing that each time we publish content!

So, here’s the solution and the secret sauce to your content syndication strategy.

Head over to

It’s a free service that connects services like Tumblr and and Twitter with other services.

And one of those services is RSS feeds…

Now, where the magic happens is here; IFTTT will “listen” to your RSS feed and when a new piece of content is published IFTTT will say “hey, there’s new stuff here, time to grab it and post it for our super awesome user on those sites he told us about”.

And this all happens in seconds. No joke. Your syndication strategy at work while you sleep.

Now, we don’t expect you to figure out how to set up IFTTT (it’s pretty simple, but there’s a few steps) on your own – so we created a workbook and 2 short video guides to help you with the whole process.

What to do with all of your saved time and results

With your content syndication taken care of you can lay back in the sun, grab a drink, and just live life worry free.


Well of course not – but now you’ve got a great process that takes care of your content, does it automatically, is free, and provides great search engine results, more traffic, and brand awareness.

Now you can go on and do more important work like growing your business, creating great content for syndication, and perfecting your marketing strategy.

Once you’ve gone through these steps and used the workbook + free training, we think you’ll be ready for the Syndication Academy. This is for those people that know the power of using syndication networks and really want to take it up a notch…or two.