How To Rank A Real Estate GMB Listing In Suburb And City?

By April


In episode 248 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to rank a real estate GMB listing in suburb and city.

The exact question was:

Good day everyone! I'm from Syracuse and hoping to sign new clients. I have a questions about GMB (Google My Business). I've read over and over again strategies to get into the 3pk. I still have so many questions. Maybe someone can help. Two questions: my client is in real estate, in what is considered a suburb of a bigger city. I can rank her in the suburb, but it is so difficult with the city. There is much competition, and her office address is in the suburb, not the city. How can I have her rank in both? the realtors who are ranking in the city all have offices in the city, so this makes it difficult. Plus, it's crazy how some realtors don't even claim their business and they're higher ranked than my client. Some have unfinished profiles, hardly any photos, etc. We are posting regularly, adding new pics, and have a linking campaign for google maps, including content and blogging with a google map embedded. Frustrating to do all this work and not have her ranked well.

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