How To Rank A Video Optimized For A Single Keyword Branded Term?

By April

In episode 121 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked for some effective strategies for ranking a video optimized for a single keyword branded term.

The exact question was:

So I have a single keyword branded term a video used to rank for. For years. It completely dropped off but the video still ranks for the branded term + location or the branded terms +apartments , etc. I added some video seo Mojo and the 2+ word terms ranked higher. Added 5 high authority SAPE links and those keywords ranked even higher. Still not ranking for the single word term. Just purchased 20 expired high DA tumblrs and daily I am adding either embeds or Images and anchor text for the branded phrase. I also bought 22 Serp Space links in the Real estate niche. Still not ranking for the main term. For YEARS the main term was ranking and I need to get it to rank again. I am baffled as to what happened.

My next steps are, update the content (hasnt been updated in years) , add a hashtag, add the NAP and run a press release with the NAP in it, and modify the video date. I remember… Chris I think noticed that old rankings of websites with embeds were capturing old dates and tanking rankings. It wasn't until he (and others) re-embedded the video with the new embed code (or changed the date) that the rankings resumes.

Testing everything so far No bueno… any recommendations or HAIL NAW… Don't do Thats? The channel is well aged with plenty of videos too.?

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