How To SEO: YouTube & Hangouts SEO & Silo Structure

By April

This week in the Semantic Mastery series we take a look at how YouTube fits into and plays its part in the Semantic Web or Web 3.0 as perhaps it's better known.

Our expert is Semantic Mastery Supremo Bradley Benner who tells me there's a lot more to YouTube than just videos.

So on that note, we're going to dig deep into Google Hangouts and ranking them as well as YouTube Silo Structures.


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  1. Semantic Mastery

  2. Since Google launched the Hangout platform on Google+ it has grown in
    strength and may well replace services such as GoToWebinar in time. On this
    Hangout I am interviewing Bradley Benner of Semantic Mastery on how this
    technology can serve SEO professionals. How To SEO: YouTube & Hangouts SEO
    & Silo Structure | Semantic Mastery

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