How To Setup The Best Silo For A LeadGen Site For Painters?

By April


In the 79th episode of Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the best ways to setup a silo site for a leadgen site intended for painters.

The exact question was:

I have setup a new IFTTT Ring for a new project. Leadgen site in a niche “painters” I have done most KW research. Registered the money site domain. Installed DIVI theme with DIVI builder. And now stuck with how the best way would be to both SILO it correctly and integration with the supported IFTTT branded ring.

I'm confused about all the different technical solutions I found on the internet. Even watched a video Sorry Bradley from NETWORK EMPIRE about their SILO plugin… I don't want to use their stuff 😉 I only want semantic mastery stuff in my network… Hope you have some basic suggestions.. We all know that google loves fresh data and I need POSTS for IFTTT. How to start landing pages with content / supporting subtopic pages and blog posts.. I want to have a good foundation to start… The basic idea is buidling static content about painting… in a silo structure add a silos structure with REGION / CIty with the local adressesfrom the painters MAPS G+ pages) and when a leadgen job is completed the painter is posting the JOB on his region page .. and the customer can place a review based on the topic (like painting ceilings) .. More looking for some sort off blueprint… for wordpress with IFTTT, categorys/static/pages/posts plugins needed customisations like /%catagory%/%postname%/ etc..

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