How To Use Crowdsearching With Networks

By Semantic Mastery

YouTube video

A viewer during HDHO Episode 45 had a question about how to correctly use microtask workers in a CTR type program such as ( with IFTTT Networks.

These types of tasks involve using micro task workers to search for your site (website, web 2.0, IFTTT Property, or anything else) with a specific search string and to then click through to your site and do any additional tasks. You can, and should, use a variety of search strings as always going for keywords is not a good long term plan – you can use other branded search strings and more to make these tasks more realistic in terms of searches performed.

Watch this short video for more information on putting to good use and how you can get the most out of this powerful tool.

The viewer's exact question from the Hump Day Hangout was:

How deep into a my network should I use crowdsearch? Is it on every property on every wheel, or just the google properties?

If you haven't tried micro tasks CTR activities and want to find out more – visit this link:

Visit on how to use CrowdSearch in increasing local rankings.

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