How To Use RYS To Rank Sites Without Google Verified Business Pages

By April

In episode 113 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked about how to use RYS to rank websites that do not have Google verified business pages.

The exact question was:

Hi guys
I'm back from my trip to the Philippines and have alot to catch up on.
First I want to comment on the RSS Masher. I got the program and put it into action and its working great on all of my T2 networks. I like it, and time will tell how it performs producing traffic and ranking.

My question is on RYS again, I have had the best success with the service with my clients, and now I want to use it on my own sites. I am building out “”near to me”” sites. I have one site that will pay $141 per click when I get ti ranked.
Without the Google verified business pages for each one, without NAP, ect., How can I use and incorporate RYS to help get these sites ranked?
And a follow up question is; After I get the stacks back, what can I do with the stacks to increase the rankings and visibility?

Happy New Year to everyone, This is going to be the Year!!!!

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