Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 22

By April




0:00 Intro

1:00 April 8th, price going up for IFTTT SEO Academy and the MasterCLASS:

Video Optimization for Car Rental

2:00 I want to rank some videos and website for car rental. Should I create my tier 1 around travelling or something else?

I want to rank for a particular country. Should I also talk about that country specifically or leave it generic?

Buying High Authority Links

8:00 Where do you buy/rent high authority links from?

Merging Existing Blog and Money Sites

12:00 I need to rank a new client's website. He already has a separate blog so I'll be using the RSS feed of his blog to help rank his money website. Would it be more efficient if he “merged” the money site and the blog?

YouTube Channel and Playlist

16:00 If we add videos to our channel (that may NOT be a good match for our silos) that we DON'T place into a playlist – do you think that dilutes the channel SEO?

Branding Persona Networks in IFTTT

17:00 How do I brand my T2 personas for a T1 revolving around local businesses? For instance, I plan on promoting plumbers, roofers, electricians, and any other local business in different niches as I see fit in the future. How do you recommend the T2 personas to be branded?

Semantic Mastery Course

19:00 I am a newbie, would Semantic Mastery course be for me? Will it shine some light of building my network power? What is included in the course? More trainings? Or just a smaller group with more assistance?

Social Stacking

23:00 Also, can you explain social stacking?

Ranking on Google

24:00 Do you have any input on the best practices to rank in the Google 7 pack other then citations, google+ page, and reviews?

Producing Live Videos

25:00 I am aware that live videos are a little better to rank. Can you please elaborate on how to produce live videos? Can I create a google hangout without any attendees and then upload that to YouTube? Do google hangouts publish automatically or do I have the opportunity to save the video so I can just submit it to YouTube?

Live Videos Tutorials

26:00 Do you have any tutorials on how to accomplish live videos via Google or YouTube?

– Does the Master Class dive into these type of issues more? (YES!)

-I just want to know, can the seed word be as broad as 1 word? Perhaps a city name or a profession? Would that be too broad?

Content for Autopilot and Manual Posting in PBN

27:00 If you were going to create a PBN site and put the blog schedule on complete autopilot, what content solutions would you consider and why, OR would you suggest a manual process?

Options I'm thinking could make sense include Kontent Machine, ArticleBuilder, Content Amigo, WP Robot, and RSS feed – perhaps you have a preferred tool or method is all I'm asking so no need to discuss every possible option. The way I see it, we've got links automated thanks to IFTTT which is one side of the coin, so why not automate the whole entire process?

Best Practices for On Page Optimization

34:00 Also could you touch on best on-page practices for maximizing PA + DA (ie funneling link juice, siloing, inner linking etc) as it pertains to increasing the power of a PBN site?

RSS in IFTTT Networks

35:30 So if you have several blogs on your money site and then you setup a RSS feed network with IFTTT will those 2- 3 blogs that have been sitting on your money site get pushed onto the IFTTT network?

How do you get them to syndicate or do you have to go in and update the blog or push them threw somehow to the IFttt network?

Rank Checking Tools

38:00 What Rank Tracking software/service would you recommend? (

RSS Syndication

40:00 You recommend in the Advanced Strategies section of the IFTTT class to use 3 other sources to post via RSS.

– Since some blogs and YT channels post several times daily, is there a certain “frequency of posting” we should look to stay below to keep our network sites safe?

Tier 2 Triggers in IFTTT Networks

42:00 Can you please explain the trigger(s) for connecting the T2 networks. I have watched the webinar 3 times now and still having a hard time getting my head around connecting the networks. I wish there were some videos in the member's area giving actual examples.

49:00 I want to make a video testimonial for IFTTT SEO Academy. Do you want it? (YES!)

Buying 301 Redirect Links

50:00 Is buying 301 redirect links advisable?

Backlink Commando and SERPs

50:30 In reference to “Backlink Commando“… I just have a dummy site setup for the purpose of using Backlink Commando. Are the SERPs actually hitting the custom RSS feed on this dummy site?

PBN Hosting

51:00 PBN hosting? Be careful?

Content for Tier 2 Persona Networks

53:58 My first branded network is themed around my city. The T2 persona networks are people with various general professions (marketing assistant, oral surgeon, real estate agent) from the main city or surrounding cities.

What content should I be splicing/blending to syndicate to these T2 networks? Should I be looking for Chamber, Local News, Business Journal feeds related to the main city?


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