Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 24

By April




0:00 Intro and announcement of YouTube RSS url change causing issues

YouTube Custom URL

6:00 How to get custom URL and what it means

Search / Share / Watch Video group:

Large group in Facebook for sharing and watching videos:

Can also use the Semantic Mastery FB group:

RSS Feeds for YouTube

10:00 I'm following the advanced RSS training. In the grouping feeds video, you have in your spreadsheet 12 RSS URLs + 3 feedburner URLS for the Google properties + 1 Yahoo Pipes RSS URL for the YouTube channel.

Why don't you create feedburner URLS and Yahoo Pipes RSS URLs for ALL 12 sites? Is it worth doing that? Also, can you confirm that we'll do that both for our T1 and 3 T2 rings?

High Authority Tumblr and Twitter for Ranking

12:00 Buying high authority Tumblr and Twitter accounts do they help rankings when posting to IFTTT? Any place you would recommend for buying these high metric accounts?

We will be opening a marketplace for this, but in the meantime:

Using Google Properties

16:00 What are some ideas for using Google stuff like Docs, does each Google sign in give you a different area for these tools/files? And is the Google shortener just for your master Goggle account? I desire to separate projects.

Multiple WordPress Installation on Different Subdomains 

18:00 Will these two example WordPress install scenarios cause a conflict if you have multiple installs on a domain under the directory setup rather than the subdomain setup, with an install also on the root site?




Directory Setup for WordPress & Duplicate Content Issues

21:00 If you use a directory setup of WordPress rather than a subdomain setup of WordPress in addition to your root domain having WordPress setup, would you be charged with duplicate content if more than one installation has some of the same content?

Would the subdomain setup fix the penalty?

What is your advice in general about how to setup your domains with multiple WordPress installs?

Is there a plugin that allows the user to have a different sidebar depending upon which mentor's/topic's content you are showing?

Would this only be solved by setting up templates and doing some editing?

Is there a shortcut?

Youtube RSS Feed Channel

28:00 I'm having problems with the YouTube RSS Feeds. And I've seen this on more than one channel.

I had sent an example to support and Marco answered and acknowledged this.

The “uploads” is the only feed that is showing all the videos. But we can't use this without risking getting hammered by Big G

The other feeds are only show a few of the videos.

What do we use and how do you think this is going to effect us?

Managing Different Google Accounts

36:00 Explain how to manage all the Google accounts again. How do we add them and should we setup one G account to add all the other accounts to? What should we NOT do?

Youtube Custom URL

39:00 In regard to your custom URL. There is a workaround. If you guys created your YT channel build it out and then instead of adding a companion site just verify your Blogger account and that instantly makes you eligible for a custom URL for both Google Plus and YT

Mastermind Course Details

40:00 where can i find pricing / info for your mastermind course?

Subdomain Penalty

41:00 does the www subdomain count as well? (as a subdomain for penalty “removal”, etc)

Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain Authority & Page Authority and Ranking 

46:00 My client's site has TF, CF, DA and PA higher to all its competitors, and yet, I'm having a hard time ranking in top 3 for many of the keywords. How come?

Moving Installs to Subdirectories and Impact on DA

47:00 I have an old domain that I created WP installs in directories. It has a DA of about 30. should I move the installs to subdirectories or will that effect the DA?

Youtube & GPlus Custom URL

51:00 Yes I can get a custom URL for the YT channel but it sends me over to the G+ page to name the custom URL

51:00 if you finally get a custom YT channel URL do you have to change your profile URLs in your IFTTT accounts or will it redirect automatically

52:00 We've landed a large client with a rather healthy budget. I'd like to pull out all the stops on it (pre-made IFTTT networks, high pr links, and more). What are some ideas of what we could be harnessing?

Twitter Feeds

55:00 Is it possible to get a feed off of a Twitter account?


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