Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 26

By April

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0:00 intro – 6 month anniversary!

DFY Network

1:00 DFY network announcement – price going up in a week! MasterMIND members are going to get DFY IFTTT Networks at a reduced price

Displaying Online Tools

3:00 I need a tool (screen) to display all my online “tools” for easy reference – my bookmarks are getting out-of-control.

Buffer and Pinterest Syndication

6:00 I noticed that Buffer now supports posting to Pinterest. I am setting up an IFTTT recipe to post from Flickr to Buffer, and then hoping Buffer will post to Pinterest. The missing part is where you choose which BOARD to post to.

Google Plus in IFTTT Networks

8:00 Can we take just a few minutes to explain all the different Google web properties we sign up with in setting up an IFTTT network and what links should we be using. More specifically, there seems to be a Google Plus page, a Google Plus Profile, a Business page and whatever else?!?

Linking Web 2.0 with PBNs

15:00 PBN question: I here some people link straight to the money site and some people link to a Tumblr or Weebly , Web 2.0. Why do you recommend linking to a Web 2.0 if the PBN is well themed and secure?

RSS Feed in IFTTT Networks

20:00 Hey Brad and Team, I have an RSS feed created from my email marketing service (Get Response). So I thought that i would include it in my IFTTT syndication network.

My site has not seen any extra traffic from this. So my question is should I continue syndicating my Get Response RSS Feed?

Link to indexing help:

Manual or Automatic Creation of Web 2.0 and Social Accounts?

22:00 Hi All. I'm a new member and happy to discover a group that offers real value!

When creating the Web 2.0 and social accounts to use with IFTTT to build out web ring tiers, is it best to create these accounts and pages manually, or do you recommend any automatic software?

Personas in Tier 1 Networks

27:00 Could we take a few minutes in the HDH to review secondary T1 networks. If I’m using a primary T1 network branded for a niche’ / say Veterinary Emergencies.

Now Bradley says secondary T1 are always persona networks, so would I then just create new G plus page with a new YT channel for a secondary T1 / say Veterinary Emergencies 2 and use different graphics? Can I use the same Google account or would the secondary T1 be a different Google account. Are persona networks always a different Google account? Is the only difference between a secondary T1 and a T2 that the T1 has a YT channel as a trigger point vs another blog?

30:00 A question about sitemap plugins. I am using the Yoast SEO plugin and have disabled the sitemap feature. To replace that I am using the Google XML site map plugin.

What sitemap plugin should I use?
Also I am adding my videos to my site.
Should I be using a video site map plugin as well?

YouTube Syndication Error in IFTTT Networks

34:00 IFTTT Troubleshooting question: I have my first branded T1 set up; I tested it with a YT upload and all was well. Yesterday, when I uploaded a new video, all of the recipes failed, and I either got no posting to the accounts, or a “missing link” error message. Any advice on where to start looking? The YT video is showing in the channel and seems ok.

Updating YouTube Channel

36:00 Hi, how do you suggest keeping your YT channel updated. If you are only adding 1-2 videos a month related to your niche what is the best way to keep it updated?

Managing Increasing Site Resources

38:00 What is the best way to handle increasing a site's resources for heavier load plugins and themes?

I used to use All-in-One-SEO-Pack but changed to WordPress SEO by Yoast.

IFTTT Network Price

42:00 If IFTTT members buy into the “done for you” networks before the price increase, will that price hold for future purchases, or will everyone pay the price increase?

Adding Company Website in Personas

44:00 Just want to clarify… if I am setting up real accounts (not persona) I just add a link to the company website in the web 2.0s?

Sharing Videos to other YouTube Playlist

44:30 If I have a YT Playlist on my money channel, and I want to share it on another channel – what is the easiest way to accomplish that? And if I add another video to the MASTER playlist, does it populate to all the shared lists automatically and how long does it take?

YouTube and Link Juice

47:00 what are all of the YouTube link sources which actually give us link juice?

48:00 Thanks Monique!

Alternative to VPN Service

49:00 I live in Vancouver, BC and I want to see what someone in Winnipeg, Manitoba would see for a local search result on Lawyers. I could not find a VPN service in Winnipeg so using a VPN is not an option. How else can I view SERPS as if I were in Winnipeg?

RSS Syndication and YouTube

52:00 I need clarification for the Advanced RSS method. Is it necessary to do this if I plan on only using YouTube for syndication?

Also, as an affiliate marketer using one channel to promote products across multiple niches, what types of related RSS feeds would you recommend if any?

Persona Networks and Ranking

54:00 I have 3 persona networks and I'm thinking of adding a secondary tier 1 network because I've heard you mention before that it helps with ranking quicker.

Using Two Proxies at the Same Time

57:00 I have 10 dedicated proxies from My question is can I use these proxies at the same time from two different places.

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