Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 27

By April

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0:00 Intro – Episode 27!

2:00 Announcements – please subscribe to our YouTube channel! Getting close to 1000!

3:00 Update – sent out email about updates to YouTube recipes for IFTTT SEO

DFY Networks

5:00 DFY Networks price increase

6:00 I'm thinking of giving the DFY IFTTT networks a go, so my questions relate to those but also to the IFTTT approach in general.

1. Is it better to create the IFTTT network properties over a period of time?

2. Likewise, if building further rings to reinforce Tier 1, should the Tier 2 and Tier 3 pages (or any other links) be built over a longer (“more natural”) timeframe?

3. Is it therefore possible/advisable to order the DFY IFTTT Tier 1 and Contextual Backlink package at the same time?

I want to be sure that any subsequent haste in getting those links built doesn't become a negative factor.

Linking Directly to PBNs and Money Site

10:00 It is my understanding that you very rarely link directly from your PBNs to your money site and that you sometimes use SAPE links. Do you ever link directly to your money site? If so, with what type of links?

Changing URL Structures

13:00 I want to install the Yoast plugin on a new client's site that already has many evergreen blog posts published on it. I want to change the structure of a URL (that currently has the date in it) and then to submit all the articles again to my IFTTT networks. Will 301 redirects be fine? I don't want to mess up with the site, so what is a safe way to do what I'm trying to do?

IFTTT Recipes

15:00 Can you give a brief explanation of what a Recipe is and why it was called that? Thanks.

Creating Multiple YouTube Channels For Different Cities

18:00 If you are trying to lease sites & Videos Should u create a Channel and site for each city you want to hit with IFTTT rings to follow OR do you want to Build ONE Channel for My Niche and rank the videos for each city through siloing playlists and build the persona networks around the channel?

FCS Network & IFTTT Networks

22:00 If I am only planning on having 3 to 5 IFTTT-themed networks is it worth the investment in FCS Networker.

Recommended Web Hosting

25:00 Can you make a recommendation on hosting, I am leaving Hostgator.

Web 2.0s and Money Site

27:00 Should all the web 2.0's in my T1 network be branded; and should they all be the same brand as my money site?

Also, when the new money site publications change to a (different pages) new silo and the related new pages in that silo, I just change that 1st (RSS) recipe component, correct?

Proxies for Branded Networks

29:00 Should have asked this also: Should I use a proxy IP to set up branded network, regarding my prior question?

Best IFTTT Syndication Methods

30:00 When syndicating the IFTTT rings, what are the best methods? And is there a difference on syndicating the T1 and T2 rings?


33:00 Why use feedburner?

Important Factors

What are the important things we need to know about using feedburner if as a primary source of RSS feeds?


What are the best settings when setting up feedburner feeds?

How would you best set Feedburner up?

Is it best to mashup feeburner feeds, to use them as is or to do both?

WPMAIN WordPress Plugin

41:00 Does the free WPMain WordPress Plugin allow a person to clone a site on one domain to another domain, making exactly a duplicate?

If not, is there a free WP plugin that can handle that which is very safe to use?

Google Drive Posting Error in IFTTT Networks

44:00 I have received the updated recipes. However I have noticed that Google drive is not posting. I assume the best way to solve this is to create a new RSS recipe using WP/Tumblr/Blogger to trigger Google drive?

45:00 Explaining how to manually update feed with old posts.

Google Plus Pages Explained

48:00 The difference in G+ pages


51:00 HI, concerning crowdsearch how does it work for your local business clients and or sites? training:

IFTTT Recipes Spreadsheet

53:00 Can you put a column on IFTTT spreadsheet there that shows latest change of date?

Old and New Posts in IFTTT Networks

54:00 I have a branded blog. Should I only use IFTTT for all new blog posts and videos or should I go back and link all the older posts and videos as well?

Duplicate Content in IFTTT Networks

55:00 When I IFTTT an RSS blog post from my basesite into, Blogger or Tumblr and it imports body of article, is that going to hammer me for duplicate content?

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