IFTTT V2 & Local Kingpin Results & Profit Making

By April

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In episode 103 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer was concerned about joining and asked about the results and profit-making of IFTTT V2 and Local Kingpin.

The exact question was:

Thank you for allowing me to ask a question. Forgive me if its a little long I'm just a little confused.

Hi i was going to invest in IFTTT 2.0 but I'm a little confused now. According to this above course on local lead generation (local kingpin), I'm guessing IFTTT 2.0 course is not that affective anymore as Google has now altered its ranking system. I know there will have to be a lot of hard work put in by myself to rank websites and study your formula but, will it be as effective as it initialy was?

What kind of results have your students been getting in terms of renumeration for ranking websites? I'm from the UK and I'm looking to grow a business , if I followed your formula, how long is it taking your students to make a profitable business? How profitable can it get? I look forward to hear from you soon as I'm a little confused about joining.
Kind regards. Abdool (United Kingdom)

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