Indexing Videos Published in Vimeo

By April

During Episode 56 of Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangout, one participant asked about Vimeo having a so-called sandbox for each account since he wasn't able to see his videos.

The exact question was:

Is there a sandbox for new Vimeo accounts? I created an account, uploaded 2 videos and 5 days later not indexed by Google. I embedded the video on a webpage that I know was crawled by Google, did a Google plus post and a Twitter tweet with the URL of the video the same day the videos were uploaded. In the past, this method has always worked with YouTube, and all videos get indexed in a day or less.

A friend of mine did a Fiverr gig for 50 video embeds on crappy 2.0's like Blogspot, Delicious and Diggo and didn't notice any ranking change with the video. I think Google ignores these types of sites when trying to pass link juice to a website but it seems to have always worked with videos. Any change to the algo? I think there is a shift from the shear number of embeds to the quality of the site the embed is on but he was surprised to see absolutely no change?

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