How To Integrate Expired & High Domain Authority Web 2.0 Properties in IFTTT Networks?

By April

pbn and ifttt

One of the questions asked during episode 84 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts was about the best strategy in integrating expired and high authority web 2.0 properties in IFTTT network?

The exact question was:

I ask this in the IFTTT V2 FB Group but thought more of you guys might join in on an answer here:

I've purchased some Good Web 2.0 Properties with Metrics – Expired accounts with high domain Authority and very high page authority. I have 25.

Should I set up IFTTT syndication from my money site blog which already has a tier 1 Branded blog Network and a Tier 1 Persona blog network?


Should I use these new Web 2.0 Properties as tier 2 linking to the Tier 1 Persona Network … or linking to the tier 1 Branded Network?

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