Is Content Curation Still Helpful As Of 2020?

By April


In the 293rd episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if content curation is still helpful as of 2020.

The exact question was:

I followed your recommendation and purchased Jeffrey Smith's SEO Bootcamp. I no longer have any questions about how to silo a website. (smile) His process for writing posts is more involved (compared to curated posts) though in order to create topical depth. I was about to start with creating curated posts per Content Kingpin, but now I am wondering the best way to proceed. The SEO Bootcamp proceess uncovers the topical keywords for each silo and the questions associated with them to use in writing the 7-900 word post. Hiring a writer to write researched and well written articles sounds expensive. When creating posts around specific keywords to create topical depth, is content curation something that can still be used? Is it something that can still be put in the hands of a writer in the Philippines for $10 a post, or is it going to cost more?

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