Is It Appropriate To First Contact Local Businesses On Their Policies & Services Before Answering Customer Calls From Lead Gen Campaigns?

By April

In episode 141 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if it's appropriate to first contact local dentists on their policies, insurance coverage, and services before answering customer calls from lead gen campaigns.

The exact question was:

Local Kingpin Question:
Im targeting local dentists and since we are just a middle men, do you suggest to contact all the local dentists and ask about their policies, insurance covered and their services first, so i have prepared answers when i answer customer calls?

Or create quote request/multiple opt-in forms, then ask all the local dentists who can take the customer?

My concern in the first scenario (where you interview all the local dentists first) is that some dentists won't cooperate or give info.

In the second scenario, Im worried that if i just collect the numbers and i can't get back to customer asap, then they might find my service slow and find another dentist.

And if the customers have a special situation or case that I can't answer, it will take time and explanation, just to find the right local dentist.

And since the customers are in the local area, wouldn't it be faster and easier for them to just search and call all the dental ads and clinics that are near them?

Or should I find a local dentist as a client first, THEN become the middle man?

What are your thoughts for these scenarios and what procedure do you recommend?

Thank you!

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