Is It OK To Add The URL Or Shorter Version Of A Competitive Video On The Same Channel That The Video Is On?

By April

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In episode 140 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if it is optimal to add the URL and shorter version of a competitive video on the same channel that has the video, or place it on a different channel.

The exact question was:

This question's for Bradley. During one of the advanced webby's, with regard to RVR Pro and other webinars, you had mentioned we could boost our more “”stubborn, more competitive videos“” by adding that specific video URl or a shortened version of it into 30 or so other video descriptions which I clearly understand. Is it OK and optimal to do this on the same channel that the stubborn video's on, OR should the “”satellite”” videos be on a separate channel not associated with our main account for best results?

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