Is It Okay To Manually Link To The Blog Posts In The YouTube Google Video Profile That Ranks Higher Than The Brand Page?

By April

In episode 110 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if it's okay to manually link to the blog posts in the YouTube Google video profile that ranks higher than the brand page.

The exact question was:

There is a diagram on the IFTTT Facebook page that makes this a much simpler question. (Ha)

1. Had DFY network built for YT for a church
Thus, I have a Google branded page for non-profit client (Milestone Church) that syndicates their YT along with a corresponding profile (persona'd as Pastor Jeff Little)

2. There is also a separate RSS blog fed Google PAGE for the Pastor (that syndicates blog) and corresponding profile for the Pastor that receives a blog RSS feed that is built around the leader's name (“Pastor Jeff Little” we are needing this term to search well.)

Currently the YT fed video google PROFILE (#1 profile from above) is searching better for “Pastor Jeff Little” than the either the Blog RSS Branded Page or Profile (#2)for the term “Pastor Jeff Little.”

Question: Would it hurt to manually link to the blog posts in the YT Google Video PROFILE (#1 above) since it ranks higher? Or would Google see having a branded page around the person featuring all the posts PLUS a different profile sharing all the blog posts as gaming the system. Recommendations?

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