Is It Possible To Exchange A Registered Client Domain For Another Via Serp Space?

By April


In episode 145 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked if it is possible to exchange a client registered domain for another from Serp Space PBN package if the original one is unacceptable.

The exact question was:

Hi, bradley, I just got hired by a real estate company as their in house seo specialist. They will be paying me a fixed salary and bear all external cost for seo. Their website is a html, so I can't ifttt for them cause I can't setup rss feed. So I am going to use pbn strategy.

I want to buy pbn from Serpspace but my boss request me to send my domain of my pbn first before buying. They just want to make sure that the name of the domain is clean, means that they want the domain name of the pbn as a rebrandable and does not have keyword in the domain.

So I was wondering if somehow the name if the domain is not acceptable. Can I register the domain, give it back to you guys im exchange of another domain?

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