Is the Rank and Rent SEO Business Model Still a Great Way to Get Free of the 9 to 5?

By April


Is the Rank & Rent SEO method something that you're looking at as a way to generate revenue for yourself or your local business?

It's very much a real way to start making money or a way to grow your existing revenue base.

In this video when we answer the viewers question we also go into some great ways that you can go outside the box and more easily use the Rank & Rent method to really start making some good income quickly from rent sites while avoiding the traps that many people fall into.

In the recently posted Hump Day Hangouts episode 73, a viewer asked about rank and rent case studies for SEO. He wanted to know if this is a good online marketing strategy to sell leads to different local businesses.

The exact question was:

Hey my Semantic Mastery brothers and sisters! I hope you're well. Couple questions for you. Is the Rank and Rent business model still a great way to get free of the 9 to 5?

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