How To Know And Create A Semantic Seed Site?

By April


In episode 91 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about creating and determining semantic seed site.

The exact question was:

Been checking out HDHs for some time – great stuff – thanks. Today, my first question:

I have heard you guys – and especially Marco – talking about semantic ‘seed sites'. Yet, I can find little practical information about how to achieve this status. Assuming I have a site – non-local (selling eproducts) – that has good content (original + curated), I've added JSON-LD markup, and I am using RSS/IFTTT syndication to social sites (branded tier 1). What other specific steps do I need to take to make my site a semantic seed site, and how will I know when it is one? Are there specific things involved – or is this like calling your site an ‘authority site' – vague meaning but no real definition? Thanks.

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