What's the MGYB Store?

This is the MGYB Store Logo

The MGYB Store is Semantic Mastery's only approved marketplace for DFY services based on the courses provided by Team Semantic Mastery. There are many other copycat services on the web. However, the MGYB Store has trained VAs directly from the courses. In many cases, one of the founders of Semantic Mastery has personally trained the Virtual Assistants to ensure that the customer will receive a product that's on par with what the founder would use on his own projects.



In fact, the founders of Semantic Mastery use the products and services provided by MGYB on a daily basis. Whether it's syndication networks, drives stack + Gsites, press releases, @id pages, link building, embeds, etc., Team Semantic Mastery “drinks its own Kool-Aid”, meaning that they follow the same steps recommended in the Semantic Mastery Battleplan.


Here's a recent webinar regarding best practices for an MGYB Store product.


There are other webinars that have been recorded and many more on the way.


Click on any of the links below to find out more about all of the products and services provided by the MGYB Store. You can also find out how the services can be used and applied to your online projects.