Possible Reasons Why A Gmail Persona Account Got Suspended?

By April

In episode 179 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked about the possible reasons why a Gmail persona account with a branded IFTTT network and drive stack attached got suspended.

The exact question was:

Hi guys, a few days ago my Gmail account got suspended it was my persona account for one of my affiliate site and the account was around 9 months old. I had a branded ifttt network and a Drive stack attached to this account.

I need the words of wisdom from you guys on this issue before that I want tell you few things
1. I had content in the drive files without attribution and all these documents were created a few months back.

2. A few days ago I created a new Gsite for link building and I iframed my few google docs and spreadsheets and I went to Fiverr and ordered 2 contextual backlinks packages one with 5000 links and other with 2000 links to my new gsite.

My main affiliate website didn't get penalized only the Gmail account got suspend.

What do you guys think might have triggered the suspension?

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