Webinar: Google Plus Prospecting And Video Ranking

By April

Using G+ To Prospect Clients And Rank Videos


This is a training webinar we recorded on October 16th, 2014. We covered topics that included using Google+ to prospect for clients, how to automate this task where possible, creating and ranking videos using Google Hangouts and Live videos, as well as answering questions from members and other viewers.

Some important points in the presentation:

5:11 – Prospecting – Creating Specific Circles (Using Profile)
9:45 – Prospecting – Using Google+ search to Find People To Add
9:25 – Prospecting – Add to Circles
20:20 – Grow G+ Circles on Autopilot – https://semanticmastery.com/gplusadder
20:55 – Question about how many communities in Google+ can you join
31:40 – Google Chrome App for Advanced Circle Management – http://circloscope.com – no longer available
39:05 – Pitching (2 Ways) – 1st Ranking a Generic Video First
55:25 – Pitching (2 Ways) – 2nd Start with “Pitch” Video
55:18 – Question about getting email via Google+
1:00:45 – Video SEO
1:03:30 – Question about recording videos in Hangouts
1:24:07 – Question about interviewing clients using Hangouts
1:27:32 – Question about Live Events vs Hangouts live
1:28:08 – Question about Google+ not communicating with local page
1:34:27 – Question about number of Google+ accounts
1:36:24 – Question about Audio Reviews and How well they rank

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    Semantic Mastery 16 Oct Webinar: G+ Prospecting Clients And Video Ranking

  3. Replay clip from yesterday’s webinar about prospecting with Google Plus.

    • How do you get involved in this Webinar?

    • Hi +Brian Lichtig, we have an SEO coaching program that you can check out here: https://semanticmastery.com We have a TON of training inside the member's area and are always adding to it, plus we hold bi-weekly webinars where we provide the most current strategies, hacks, tools, etc.

      If you would like to attend a webinar before joining (to see what we're about), let me know and I'll send you a private invitation to our next webinar (which is this Thursday, Oct. 30 at 4:00 PM).

      Alternatively, we are making one webinar public every month with the next public webinar to be held on Thursday, November 13 at 4:00 PM.

  4. Great channel. Ive only seen a couple minutes of the last vid but I love the content. Lets KIT- maybe we can set up a collab in the future.

  5. Great information. I’ve only seen a couple minutes of the video, but I love the content. Lets KIT- maybe we can set up a collaboration in the future.