Pushing Videos To Higher Ranking After IFTTT Syndication



During Episode 43 of our weekly free SEO Q&A webinar a viewer had a question about what needed to be done to move a video that had been previously syndicated to a higher position in the search results.

They were not sure if more time was needed, additional off site SEO was required, or what to do…

Here’s their question:

So I’ve gone through the IFTTT training and have created all the properties as described, did the RSS feeds, did the livestream, added ongoing content to the blogs and uploaded my first video. Blogs have been active for about 2 weeks.

Ranked #6 on YouTube and nowhere to be found on Google for the video. Just wondering the next steps or if i need to let more time to pass. The YouTube account is not verified if that makes a difference.

Part of helping out the video rankings included telling the viewer about the power behind playlists in YouTube – you can find out more with our detailed short course on this very topic here: https://youtube.silo.academy