Recommended Setup for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Networks in IFTTT

By April


One of the questions raised in the digital marketing webinar entitled Hump Day Hangout Episode 59 (Christmas edition) was about the recommended setup for Tier 1 and Tier 2 rings in the IFTTT networks. The participant wanted to know the right IFTTT recipes to make the most of these syndication networks. Also mentioned are the use of Fiverr gigs and automation tool called Syndwire to syndicate your content in social media to improve link juice and social signals.

The exact question was:

Hello Q for the HH. Please clarify how you recommend setting up the different accounts: Tier one/Tier 2 /branded. Here is what I think you recommend:

1) Tier 1 Branded. Your money site/client site/Youtube channel at the centre and build out ~20 sites profiles using the same name “Boston Plumbing Experts” same logo, same bio/description…and link all the sites together.

2) Tier 2 non branded are persona accounts. For each persona you create a blog on WP/Bloggr/Tumblr at the center for a persona like “John Smith” and you create ~20 sites all “branded” with John Smith with name/image/bio/description and again you can link them.

This feels different to the Syndwire account set up gigs on Fiverr which talk about setting up 20 different personas in 20 accounts…but I think you regard those as orphans likely to be deleted??
Do you ever connect the branded/T1 and the T2/persona sites or do you just post separately to each “ring”?

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