At Semantic Mastery, we test and use a lot of tools for use in our businesses. This page has links and short descriptions of the tools that we use and feel are good enough to share with others. This page is updated periodically as new products become available and meet our standards or older products become less important or supported.
Semantic Mastery Products
Email Service Providers – Build A List!
  • Active Campaign – Easy to use, yet flexible and powerful. Currently using with Semantic Mastery
  • Get Response – Able to integrate directly with JVZOO
Hosting / VPS
  • Liquid Web – Solid hosting, it's what we use for the Semantic Mastery website!
  • WPX Hosting – Fast WordPress hosting
Web 2.0 / Link Building
  • GSA – The standard for mass backlink building. Enough said.
  • GSA SEO Bundle – Get GSA along with their other superb tools in one bundle.
  • Blue Chip Backlinks – Get backlinks from good sources, rebuild sites, and more – great alternative to SAPE.
  • EZ Proxies – Great proxy provider.
  • – Another great proxy provider with quick turn around and fast customer service.
  • Content Kingpin – Learn how to quickly create content cheaply for use at all levels
  • Spin ReWriter – No spinning software is perfect, but so far we like Spin ReWriter the best.
  • RSS Feed Finder – Great and simple tool to find content via RSS feeds. Excellent for use with tiered networks and PBNs that need content sources.
  • RSS Authority Sniper – Check out this webinar with Lisa Allen for details on RSS Authority Sniper & it's many uses
Conversion and Funnel Software / Services
  • Click Funnels – Building funnels? You should be using Click Funnel – we do!
WP Plugins
  • MainWP – Track tons of sites, keep them up to date with plugins, themes, etc.
Rank Trackers
Keyword Research
  • EasyVSL – VSL: Video Sales Letter. Great tool for creating a sales letter that lets you do voice overs and more.
  • Content Samurai – Great tool for creating stunning videos fast. Let this tool do the heavy lifting.
Paid Advertising Courses and Software
  • TubeSift – YouTube advertising depends on monetized videos…stop wasting time trying to find the right ones and use this software to do it for you.
  • Veeroll – Create great YouTube ads easily & quickly
  • AdSkills Bulletproof YouTube Ads – Learn the secrets of youtube success from a Google insider… A methodical process for building a massively successful YouTube campaign from beginning to end.
  • AdSkills Bulletproof GDN Ads – Cheaper clicks than Facebook Ads & 10X more traffic… The one ad network in the world where you can start with lunch money and scale up to Rolls Royce level money – PROFITABLY!.
  • SEO Bootcamp – This is THE course we recommend for anyone looking to quickly get up to speed on all things SEO. It's taught by an industry veteran – click the link to watch our free webinar with him!
  • Ghost Browser – Quickly manage multiple online identities, create projects that save cookies and cache, and more. Choose between this or BrowSEO for your multiple persona browsing needs.
  • BrowSEO – The go to tool in SEO for anything involving personas. Easily move between logins, create authority personas and create real engagement. Powerful stuff! Not familiar with the tool? Click here for our webinar with the creator!
  • Outsource Kingpin – want to know how to consistently get great VA's to help grow your business? Get started right here.
  • Citation Package – Highest quality citation packages, perfect for your own and client's local SEO needs!
  • Webinar Listings – Find past Semantic Mastery webinars here; tools, software, motivation, and more…

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