Should RSS Feeds Be Submitted/Spliced Once Or Would It Have Better Results If Submitted Repeatedly?


One of the questions asked during episode 88 of our weekly Humpday Hangouts was about the submission or splicing of RSS feeds.

The exact question was:

My SEO journey is off to a great start. Having doubts as this is my first SEO campaign but I’m pushing forward. I’ve learned a lot since one of your previous hangouts I have been able to “open my mind” as you guys suggested. I’ve gotten my first video ranked onto the 1st page of google but sometimes it’s up there and other times it’s not. Why is that happening?

Also, I’ve been revisiting the RSS lessons from IFTTT Academy and I wanted to ask, Should RSS feeds be submitted/spliced just once or would I see better results if I keep submitting repeatedly? Is it worth the time?