RYS Academy Tactics for Affiliate and Money Sites


A question on the proper execution of the tactics discussed in RYS Academy was asked by a participant. In addition to his question at Episode 59 of Hump Day Hangout, he also asked how to integrate these strategies in money and affiliate sites.


The exact question was:


Hey Guys! Merry Christmas!
Im a new RYS user, im just starting to watch the training videos and wanted to know:

1) which will be the best approach to apply RYS to affiliate marketing?

2) I create my own money sites regularly, should I use RYS to link to and rank my M$ ? Or I should try to rank the G properties instead?

3) As you know, affiliate offers are more competitive than local most of the times. Did you had success trying to rank G properties for affiliate promoting?
Thanks in advance.
Facu Oreste