SameAs Schema for Multiple Twitter & Google Plus Accounts of a Multi-Division Company

By April


In Episode 66 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one question asked was about creating SameAs schema for multiple Twitter and Google Plus pages of a multi-division company.

The exact question was:

I have a client that is a division of a very large company. I'm wondering if I can add SameAs schema for multiple twitter and google plus accounts. One account being the division and the other account is the main company account. The company owns divisions in many different industries so I'm also wondering if I would gain / lose trust flow because of the broad topics and if the multiple accounts wouHi Semantic Masters, my question is in regarding Schema. I have a review portals built on WordPress. When inputing into Google's rich snippet tool ( I get the “All Good” message. What is maddening is that the rich snippets (star ratings) will only show with the internal pages (reviews) in the SERPS, but not the home page (aggregated reviews) which is what most searchers find when they do a branded search for my customers. So customers are now asking why aren't the stars showing up? Wondering why this is happening? Does Google ignore home pages of sub domains? Here is a screenshot >>> Thanks!?ld confuse google.?

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