Should I Buy PBN Links To Improve The Rankings Of A Website With Good Content And 4-Tier Syndication Networks?

By April

In episode 204 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if she should buy PBN links to improve the rankings of her website, which already has good content and 4-tier syndication networks but is not performing well.

The exact question was:

hi guys – Q: i heard a lot recently about creating a good content is the key to bring ranking and traffic so I'm writing content for my website, I did the RSS feed as trigger to 4 tier syndication, I have more than 30 articles and optimized good with Yoast and good interlinking structure and alt tags- did also google stacking with google properties I still can't see the needle moving up in the search engines..i build YT channel for linking to the website , i have links from reddit and yt , weebly ,twitter, wp and etc . should i buy pbn links ? if yes then point them to my money site or to tier 2 links such as wp and others.. any other tips would be great I'm really frustrating – its more then a year now and no major kw in top 50 at all

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