Should I Revive An Old And Verified GMB Listing Or Replace It With A New NAP?

By April

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In episode 184 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the things to consider when deciding whether to revive an old and verified GMB listing or replace it with a new NAP.

The exact question was:

Purchasing Local GMB Pro was an obvious no brainer. While I am going through the training I want to test the method to revive some old lead gen (contractor) properties that I just let die. I have a Lead Gen Brand with 2 “”Locations”” that have been verified at UPS Stores (back when that was a thing). Both locations have tons of citations built and I checked GMB Insights and they both are showing up in Maps/Search occasionally. Considering you guys still verify PO there any forseeable reason not to use an old (verified) UPS Store address? Or better question, are there particular “”health checks”” to see if you should let a verified address die and replace it with a new NAP?

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