Should I Take A Tier 1 YouTube Channel And Put Multiple Tiers On It?

By April

In episode 111 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked if it is okay to take a Tier 1 YouTube channel and put multiple tiers on it when optimizing videos.

The exact question was:

Merry Christmas to all of you IFTTT nerds out there! I have a question that probably has been answered somewhere but I missed it. I have only done branded tier 1 rings around money sites so far and have used the money site tier 1 YouTube Channel as just a placeholder for all the link profiles. Can I take that tier 1 YouTube Channel and put multiple tiers on it or leave it as is and start another related YouTube Channel and add as many tiers as I want to it? If so, does that new Channel link to the money site and is it a Branded Channel that matches the money site? Thanks again. Love you guys and what you do! 😛

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