Should You Get The Whole Syndication Networks Set Up First Before Building RYS Stacks?

By April

In episode 247 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if one should get the whole syndication networks set up first before building RYS stacks.

The exact question was:

I just bought syn networks and RYS stacks for 3 clients. first time using the service, I've been thru Syn Academy, so familiar, but wondering should I get the Syn networks set up in full first, so I can give all the properties to build the RYS Stacks? and what are best practices for providing the best links/content/data etc. for getting Syn Networks and RYS stacks set up, these clients have websites, GMB, some web 2.0 properties and content. I see the forms to fill out to get them going, but just asking your advice to optimize the set up and then how to self manage/add value afterwards, using the RYS instruct guide that comes with it thanks!

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