Should You Set Category Pages of An Affiliate Blog To NoIndex To Avoid Duplicate Content Issues?

By April

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In episode 114 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked whether he should set the category page of an affiliate site to noindex to avoid duplicate content issues.

The exact question was:

Semantic Mastery Crew! Hope all is well. I have a follow up question, I asked this a while back and what I asked was should I noindex my blog category page as it has a summary of the blog posts and I didnt want any duplicate content issues on my site and you advised to noindex it so I did And that works well for my lead gen sites because I dont care about ranking the blog but I'm about to set up an affiliate site and would like to blog to rank. Should I still noindex it and forget about ranking my blog or is there something that can be done?

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