Should You Use An SEO Shield Or A Syndication Network If You Want to Create A Branded Entity From The Client’s Multiple Web Properties?

By April

In episode 314 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked if one should use an SEO shield or a syndication network if you want to create a branded entity from the client's multiple web properties.

The exact question was:

I purchased your SEO Power Shield and have some questions as to the best structure: My client has several web properties that would be best if they would be Branded as one Entity using her name. The business recently changed structure with the new business name being her name, so this works well. Several of these sites are old and need to be replaced with better siloed sites. It is effective to build the SEO Power Shield and include these old properties, siloing the information in the shield and then add information from the new site as it is completed. Also, I need to promote 1 of their new sites immediately, as they are opening several other locations just for IV Therapy and Nutrition. Would this get a separate SEO Shield or just add a separate syndication network? Thank you

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