How Would You Fix A Renegade Page That Returns 404 Errors?

By April

YouTube video

In episode 147 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to fix a renegade page that returns 404 errors when redirected to the homepage.

The exact question was:

I suddenly discovered about 4 weeks ago that an old .com has had a renegade page since 2010! It did not appear on my list of pages in the admin area for the site. It was called “”freebooks”” and seemed to be offering a wide variety of books mostly or all in French. The best fix as of yesterday was to have /freebooks/ redirected to my home page. Unfortunately all the Google listings have more info after the /. All of those, which is all of them, are currently showing a 404 error. That was the best we could come up with after extensive hypothesizing, analyzing and testing. I worry that Google will have issue with all those 404's and there could be 200 or so of them since each book title is a separate extension after freebooks/. This website has a lot of content and I was in the process of setting up a “”reloaded”” version of it. It has a – but is only 6 letters broken into 2 short easy to remember words which apply perfectly to the product. So I really don't want to drop the domain unless absolutely absolutely necessary!

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