What Is The Best Way To Use RYS Stack To Power Up An Amazon Listing?

By April

In the 317th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the best way to use the RYS stack to power up an Amazon listing.

The exact question was:

Hi Bradley/Guys, I have a product I am selling on Amazon in a competitive wellness niche. Getting the listing page ranking on page 1 for the main search terms is going the the only way to be profitable given the high cpc on Google Ads. I'm thinking RYS Stack with the kitchen sink behind it. A couple of questions: a) Do you think using an RYS Stack for an Amazon listing is a good idea? b) What would be the best way to use an RYS Stack to power up the Amazon listing page? Can the RYS Stack link directly to the Amazon page, or should there be a T1 network between the Amazon page and the RYS Stack (as with a regular money site)? Ben

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