Can Serp Space Strategies Be Used For Ranking Amazon Products?

By April

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Semantic Mastery, who has decades of experience in SEO, has teamed up with Serp Space to help experienced and newbie marketers improve rankings of their local business site through search engine optimization. What's in Serp Space? It is a digital hub for internet marketing services including business listing, press release, link building, syndication networks, content marketing, and other local SEO stuff.

In the weekly digital marketing Q&A hosted by Semantic Mastery, one participant was curious if the methods being promoted in Serp Space would help in ranking pages on Amazon.

The exact question was:

Are the strategies you teach, and more importantly in my case the strategies and methods offered in Serpspace, such syndication networks, social signals, and other programs offered as part of Organic SEO usable with Amazon products? I have an Amazon product that I want to rank on page one in its very competitive niche, and hope that using SEO to do so, through social signals, syndication, link building, etc etc can build brand awareness and drive potential target buyers to the listing.

Will Serp Space help rank Amazon pages? Is this the same as ranking other pages in Google? Be sure to find out about that in the video on this page!

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