How To Automate Backlink Indexing

By April

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Have you been building links to your websites and/or videos but not seeing the results you were expecting? Or maybe you have been checking your sites with SEO analysis tools and don't see many of the links that you have been building…

Backlinks can sometimes take weeks to get indexed. This is especially true for web 2.0 links.

And if you have been using IFTTT networks as part of your link building strategy (and you are, aren't you?), then a large portion of your links are coming from web 2.0 sites.

It is difficult to get these links indexed naturally, or it take weeks to happen. Who has time for that?

We were using a combination of a powerful Wordpress plugin and a really good indexing service to force our links to be indexed and it worked like gangbusters. Oh, and did I mention that it was completely automated?

Sadly, Baclink Commando is no longer available 🙁

I know, sad horn…

Anyways, when one method doesn't work it's time to find another one – or make your own, right?

So, if you want to get backlinks indexed you need a solid solution that can last for a long time and work as good as before – well, hopefully it does!

What we decided on was to integrate a backlink indexing service into Serp Space [go ahead and hop over there – you can create your free account if you don't have one yet].

This way, we didn't have to have seperate backlink indexing software and could continue to use Serp Space.

As always, things are constantly in development at Serp Space and we'll be pushing to automate more and make the indexing service even better – how about things like automatically grabbing your Syndication Network post URLs and adding them to your indexing account?

Pretty awesome!

So, while you can't use Backlink Commando anymore, now's a great time to start using the Serp Space Indexer.

Get your Serp Space Indexing Service Here.