Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 105

By April

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Bradley: We're live.

Adam: Are we live?

Bradley: We are.

Adam: Well cheers, first of all.

Hernan: Cheers.

Bradley: Hey everyone.

Bradley: Cheers.

Adam: Cheers to you guys.

Bradley: From semantic mastery in Panama, we're hanging out on the beach with palm trees in the beach and like music going on and bars and beers. Although they look like apple juice in cups. Take a look, we'll look around, and we just made a friend from Toronto.

Marco: How are you?

Bradley: There's one of the beach side bars. It's really cool, this is a great place for us to meet, so, there we go. We'll try to answer a couple questions today guys, but we're just going to have some fun.

Adam: In case you don't know where you're at, this is episode 105-

Bradley: Episode 105.

Adam: This is Semantic Mastery, so if you're not supposed to be here, you should probably take a hike.

Bradley: Make sure you grab a drink and come hang out, have some fun.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: We got some things we wanted to share and talk about. This is the first time that we've all got to meet in person, we've been in business for about 3 years. We've known each other 4 years, but we've always met virtually via webcast like this, and last year when we met in Miami, it was 4 of us, Marco couldn't make it last year, so, this is the first we've actually been able to meet in person all of us together. We've been able to grow the business without having to meet in person, which is pretty incredible in my opinion.

Getting together and meeting though, it's amazing, yesterday was kind of a strategy session, planning out the next 3, 6, and 12 months. It's amazing how much more creativity occurs when people are joined together in person, then it is via webcast. I mean, obviously because of logistics, we have to meet via webcast on a regular basis, but getting together at least once a year and I think we're going to start doing it twice a year now, gives us much more clarity and vision, you know what I mean?

It has been very, very productive so far, and we still have a whole other 2 days, so, it's been a lot of fun.

Speaker 4: Yeah. Dude.

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: Got something to say?

Adam: No, just let's bring it back, we've told people before … What's the most important for me was like coming together, how we met. We've told people briefly like, “Oh, we met online,” and that's what I tell people. My family's like, “What, how did you start a business? That's crazy. How do you know these people aren't going to steal your money.” Yeah, it's like well, you have to have some sort of stress and you've got to be willing … Everyone's got to take the first step. Which is nice and meeting everybody, we came from a mastermind ourselves, those of you who didn't know that.

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Bradley: Yeah, and that's the story. It was funny, Marco had a friend from Manhattan named Jill come down, she was in Panama this week anyways. She came out to the resort and had lunch with us today and really interesting lady. She was asking us about how we all met, and so we were just talking about the story with her earlier today, and we were in a separate SEO Mastermind, Marketing Mastermind 3 years ago … 4 years ago, right?

Speaker 4: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Marco: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: It was 2012? We were at a Mastermind group and the webinars were once a month and then there was a forum, and it was interesting because the webinars were only once a month, but the forum was pretty active, and at the time I was just running my lead gen business and I had just started my SEO agency and I had just started a Mastermind, an accountability meeting. That's what it was, an accountability group, where we meet on a weekly basis to apply the methods that we were learning through the Mastermind and also to set goals and hold each other accountable.

Share what was working, what wasn't working and try to grow each other's businesses that way and just help each other. We ended up about 25 members or so, but the Mastermind we were in, the training start of the decline, the support started to decline, yet our weekly meetings continued. That value ended up shifting from the Mastermind we all joined, to our group and after several months of us meeting on a weekly basis, it ended up being that we were … I was sharing a lot of training and these guys here were also contributing regularly and so, once the other members of the group started to apply some of the stuff that we were sharing, they were starting to see the same kind of results we did.

Eventually, it dawned on this, wait a minute. We've got something on here that we can run with, that we can monetize this and turn this into a business. Because if our small group of 25 is experiencing these kind of results, imagine what … This could be applied to a broader audience, in other words. That's really what happened, that's where Semantic Mastery was born and we kept it very, very private for our … It was very small and private about the first year, and then in January of 2014 is when we actually went public with it and opened it up to other people to join.

Here we are today, it's been just an amazing journey, and we've got so much more in store, so much more planned. THat's part of the reason we met was to strategize to what's going on going forward. We've got a hell of a lot planned in the future guys, we're not going anywhere, I'll tell you that. More to come, you know.

Adam: Yeah, I wanted to check something out and see … I know we got some questions but I wanted to see if anybody at least got questions on any of that?

Marco: What I wanted to share is that all of the productivity that we were able to get out of the Monday riot as it took 4 hours to get here, because of the traffic. Then, Tuesday and today, today's is Wednesday, and we got just so much accomplished. We get a lot accomplished week to week, but that's more of maintenance, right? A weekly maintenance of everything that our business takes up and what we have to do, but this is actually strategy. 3, 6 months, a year down the line, which is what every business should be doing.

If you guys have your own business, you should be strategizing, you shouldn't just be thinking about the buck that you can make next week, think about the money that you can make a year, and maybe 5 years down the line. Strategize, lay down a plan, and then go for it, but you can't say, “This is what I think I'm going to do,” you have to lay it step by step and then just start tackling at it, get at it, get at it.

Bradley: Yeah, and that's to expand on Marco's point, that's important … I don't know where everybody is with their business obviously, but I know in the early stages of my business, all I was thinking about was today or tomorrow. How could I get that next dollar because I was trying to survive. It's difficult to plan ahead when you're living like that, it really is, but if you don't have that larger goal, then you really don't know where you're going, you know what I mean? You have to have a target that you're working towards or else you're flapping around in the wind, if that makes sense.

You'll go wherever the wind blows you, so to speak, and that's not really … You need to have focus, and that's something we wanted to bring up today was even us as a company, we get easily distracted. There's a lot of opportunities that come our way. It's difficult to say no to opportunity. You guys as IM'ers know, that's what makes you a marketer. The fact that you respond to marketing messages and that's probably why so many of us have shiny object syndrome and I'm 100% guilty of that myself. It's difficult to stay focused because we don't … Perry Marshall calls it F-O-M-O, FOMO, Fear of missing out. Every time something else comes out, you know, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence right?

You always see new software, new training, whatever, and you're always like, “Damn, I'm going to miss out if I don't buy it, especially on this launch pricing,” blah, blah, blah, thing is, if you've already got … You probably have enough tools in your toolbox already to be able to produce a real business, a real money making business if you focus, cut the distractions out. Even we struggle with that. That's part of the reason why we have our weekly meetings and now our meetings where we come together like this, is to really reaffirm where we are and where are goals are to keep us focused. I think that's really important from a business building standpoint, that you have to stay focused and motivated on a singular goal, does that make sense?

Marco: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Adam: I was going to say something about meeting in person real quick, because this was interesting for me. Well, shout out one to Jenny, my fiance. I was talking to her last night about this, the first day here, paid for a [inaudible 00:08:03], because there's very real cost for us. This is business, we have to pay to get down here, it's fun, it's great, but after the first day, I was talking to Jenny I said, “The first day paid for the trip.” For me, becoming somebody who gets out more and does events more and that's not who I was 5 years ago.

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Going from trying to do everything yourself to reaching out to people, if you joined one of our groups, if you joined our Mastermind, that's great. It's going to help you, but whatever you do, get out and start networking. I actually had a call with a potential client a couple of weeks ago, guy wants his own business and one of his complaints was, “I'm not sure what to do with my business, I don't talk to other people who own businesses.”

I said, “Well, there's an easy solution to this. Go talk to other people who own businesses.” He said, “Yeah, I really should do that.” I was like, “No, you absolutely need to.” Sadly, I didn't hear back from him, maybe that was the … I talk to people and no just get out there, you really do need to talk to the people who are your peers or who you want to be your peers.

Bradley: Honestly, we didn't even discuss, but that's a perfect opportunity for us to pitch the Mastermind a bit, and the reason I say that is because, guys, we meet on the Hump Day Hangouts every week, and that's kind of like a mini Mastermind on it's own, right? Because a lot of you come join and participate, a lot of you just watch, that's fine, and so that really is a Mastermind in it's own right. There's something about joining a group of peers that are serious about their business and having that support structure, that support system around you and the ability to post questions or concerns or problems you may be having, or for successes that you're having to help others.

You know what I mean? Having that ability to communicate with peers and other professionals at varying levels in their careers, or their businesses. That's like what we have with our Semantic Mastery Mastermind, we're very, very proud of it and we've kept it small and it's not because we haven't tried to grow it, but it's been somewhat small because there is a cost barrier and I get that. We charge 297 a month to join a Mastermind but there's a reason for that. We want to keep people out that aren't serious about the business, number 1, number 2, if you're willing to commit 300 dollars a month to your business, it means you're serious about your business and it would make you more likely to participate and be engaged within that community.

If we were just charging 50 bucks a month, 47 bucks a month or IM World 27 dollars a month for some shit like that for some Mastermind, first of all, there's very little value there, number 2, it doesn't give you a reason to participate, if that makes sense. We have a lot of people in our Mastermind that are just there to absorb information, and that's fine, but to get the full value out of it, it's a matter of interacting, like a lot of you guys do on our Hump Day Hangouts, some of you are regulars that interact and engage with us on a weekly basis and several of you have sent us testimonials via support or whatever telling us how you apply just what you learn from Hump Day Hangouts and been able to grow your business.

That's amazing to us. This wasn't intended, but honestly, you should check out our Mastermind. If a lot of you that are attending now, if you can come up with 300 dollars a month. Here's the thing, if you don't come up … Even if you don't have the money, if you had … You think, “Well, I can't afford that, that's an expense that I can't afford.” If you're thinking about that as an expense, then that's the wrong mindset anyways, because it should be investment, right? Think about it as investing in yourself and your business and it will come back multiple times over in a very short period of time as long as you take action, right? That's the key, you gotta take action, and participate, engage, I mean that's what we're there for.

Again, I didn't want to turn this into a pitch fest guys but, that's how we met. We've built a business based upon that singular principle right there. We wanted to bring that back and provide that opportunity to our Mastermind members and again, these Hump Day Hangouts are kind of like mini Masterminds in their own right. We love the Mastermind, we've got a lot of members that have had very, very good success with just applying the stuff that they've learned and also having the ability to communicate with peers, like minded people.

Adam: Well, that, the master class, and V2 [inaudible 00:12:02], there's some people just killing it. It's really cool hearing those stories come out of there.

Hernan: I just wanted to say real quick that pretty much, yeah I would say 100% of the products that we have developed or the training's that we have develops are based on the needs that we have had as the business owners or as an entrepreneurs. [inaudible 00:12:21] for example, he started, I remember Adam was starting to wanting to know where the IFTTT networks will work or not. He developed a tool and then became a whole marketplace, et cetera. I think that's … If you're really searching for opportunities of developing products or services, you really need to ask yourself what kind of challenges and difficulties I'm running through on my business right now, because that's potentially an answer right now.

The Mastermind, VS, [inaudible 00:12:53], all of those were solutions that we were asking and we were looking at to implement in our business in Semantic Mastery and we couldn't find, so we had to develop our own. That's how we started getting people that, “Hey, that would really help me out too, so I want to implement that for my business,” and you [inaudible 00:13:11] just like that, you know?

Marco: Do we have questions?

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:13:16]

Adam: I think we got something to say about that stuff over there though.

Bradley: We saw that, we saw the swag, we saw the swag.

Adam: No, no, the hat.

Speaker 1: Swag.

Adam: Hey, just to keep everybody … Hey, if you want to participate, that's great, well if you don't, that's cool too. If you participate, we got some stuff we picked up here-

Bradley: Show the back too-

Adam: Yeah, and we're going to be making some more. We've got some good ideas for some tee shirts, maybe something along the lines of what would Bradley [inaudible 00:13:42] do, but we'll see what happens there.

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Bradley: Yeah, and for those of you … By the way, if you haven't already figured this out, if you're easily offended just … Uh, we should've said this earlier, then don't subscribe and all that because occasionally we get a little rowdy. That image that we posted on event pages is kind of a joke, the P-O-F-U, position of fuck you, it is. I posted the link to the video too, it's a clip from The Gambler with Mark Wahlburg and John Goodman, it's really, really funny, but in my opinion, it's a good attitude to have and try to get your business to that position, like the position of fuck you. I don't need you because I, and I don't mean to be arrogant but if you get your business to a point where you know you're good and you're able to provide service and solutions to people and to other businesses, then you can be very selective in who your clients are, who your customer base is.

You can fire those clients that are a pain in the ass, we talked about this with your friend Joe earlier today. Fire your clients that are unproductive or they've dragged your business down or the cost stress and that kind of stuff. We kinda made the what's your position? It's kind of a play off of the position of FEW, P-O-F-U, our motto. That's why we have it, what's your position? Yeah, what's your position? We're not trying to be offensive when we say, and that was just kind of a joke, the funny way to reinforce what our own motto is.

You guys as our subscribers and customer base and that kind of stuff, our audience, we don't want to come across as sounding arrogant, that's not it. It's about having confidence in your own abilities and your business and being able to provide results and knowing because you can do that that you can be very selective in who you work with and what type of work that you do. You can be the best

Marco: You can be the best, and know that you're the best but at the same time-

Bradley: Become humble.

Marco: Don't [inaudible 00:15:32] it over people that you're the best. Just having the confidence in knowing, when you approach a client, and I always tell people, sales 101. You approach a client and you have to be able to say, “It's going to cost you 15, 20 K,” the same way that you say 500 dollars. IT's the same thing, it's your mindset, that's all that matters. The only change that happens is what you do here, the way that you see it and the way that you approach it. If you can't make that change here, then you're never going to be able to approach that 15K client and close them. If you go and you know what you can do, you have everything behind you, you have people that you can reach out too and say, “Look guys, this is what we need to do,” and then you're confident that you can do it.

You're going to go in and you're going to close higher and better, you've got to be more productive. It's just mushrooms. When you approach it from that position, but if you approach it from a position where, “I don't know where the fuck I'm-” Excuse me. “I don't know what they hey I'm doing,” then you'll set your self destructed them instead of building. I hope that makes sense, I hope you guys get to a position where you can charge at people whatever you feel like charging them, and they'll say, “Oh yeah, yeah, of course.”

Bradley: Because as long as you provide results, that's all that matters anyway.

Marco: Well, the bottom line is all that matters anyway.

Bradley: Yeah. Do we want to get the questions and then are we going to do a swag giveaway or what are we doing?

Adam: Yeah, no, I just … I'm leaving people on the hook for that. We've got one hat that's going to somebody and I'm not saying who it is, but there is somebody …

Marco: We already chose someone.

Adam: First name starts with a D and that guy sent in an awesome support ticket, and I swear to god if everybody sends in a support ticket … It was awesome and so that … It's a support ticket and it was a request, he needed something, but he's getting a hat for that, it was awesome. Anyways, real quick to … I don't know, do we want to talk about 2017 at all? What do we want to share?

Marco: Video powerhouse.

Adam: Video powerhouse.

Marco: Video powerhouse, guys. Video powerhouse, it's going to be an amazing product. We're going to knock this sucker to where it's going to be without a doubt the best and [inaudible 00:17:48] network that there is. [crosstalk 00:17:51]

Bradley: Yeah, we've been saying it for months but we hadn't really made the decisions as to like go full speed ahead with it for various reasons-

Adam: Well, just to clarify in the sense that it's good enough in size and all that for what we're using it for and the number of clients we have, but do we want to have make it public.

Bradley: We're going to scale it, and we're going to make it incredibly big and Marco's spearheading that campaign. He took it off my shoulders, I just can't do it with all the training that I do for Semantic Mastery PR, I just can't do it. That's in part why we haven't been able to [inaudible 00:18:24] at the speed that I wanted to originally. Because, I was actually managing that project and Marco took over that and he's working on the processes right now. We've got a whole time right now together, with our other partners for Subspace, the [inaudible 00:18:37] and his crew.

We're really going to start pushing on that hard. We're going to do a smaller, internal launch to our own list, which means you guys, our own subscriber base, our audience.

Marco: Make sure they know, it's at a lower price. The price is going up because it's worth a whole lot more than what we're charging right not, but as always, as members, as people who are always with us, even if you're not a member, you get the entry price. Now, as you know, we don't play around. When we say it's going up, it's going up.

Bradley: It's going up, that's right.

Marco: Because it's worth it. The value is there.

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Bradley: In January is when we're going to launch it publicly, I mean like, that's when we're actually go on some webinars, [inaudible 00:19:16] and stuff like that and get some big affiliate names, to help push and that kind of stuff, that's when the price is going to be higher. Right now, it's already powerful, but we're going to be growing out the several categories, different categories, or different themed categories, to a total of 5 to start with.

Marco: We're going to start with 5. There's going to be around 600 websites.

Bradley: Yeah, but to start, at the very minimum, it'll be 50 sites per category, oh that's tier 1 sites, but then remember, there's every single tier 1 site.

Adam: I gotta keep the like [inaudible 00:19:48] draped like …

Bradley: I mean the tier 2 sites is where the additional power comes from, those are IFTTT rings around everyone of our embed sites in other words. It's going to be a lot more diversity available for you for themed networks.

Marco: We're actually going to do, it's T1, T1 branded … There's more to come. Drop the mic.

Speaker 4: Yeah, drop the mic, let it be.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Okay, so yeah, quick funnel scores coming out. You guys know we're totally in with the quick funnels, if you want to use other landing page builder, stuff like that, that's great. We've had enough people interested in quick funnels then we're going to go ahead, so me and Hernan are going to be working on quick funnel scores along with Facebook advertising.

Hernan: Yeah, yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, traffic course.

Adam: Yeah, so we're learning to generate some more traffic. Adding on to what Bradley did, but going specifically into Facebook, that's going to tie in real well with the quick funnel scores.

Bradley: My man Hernan, is doing that because I am certainly not the Facebook user.

Marco: He's the Facebook guy.

Hernan: Right, yeah.

Marco: He's on the dollar.

Hernan: Yeah, ideally, what we want to do is to have a full on Facebook course so that you know exactly A to Z, top to bottom, left to right, how to operate the entire platform and how to gain real, true understanding of your metrics. Meaning, that every dollar that you're putting in, you're getting 2 dollars, 1 dollar 50, 2 dollars, 10 dollars out. That's one thing, the other thing that we're going to be working hard is Facebook for local businesses. [inaudible 00:21:17], but exactly, so that you can leverage the power of Facebook which is, I think one of the best investments that you can do right now in your business, so that you can get leads combining local AdWords with local Facebook with the funnels, you can literally go up a business local.

Bradley: Serious business, now, speaking of that, just a quick note because you brought up Local Kingpin, the updates are going to start rolling out. I've already started updating last week, this week obviously I'm not updating because we are in Panama, but yeah, where's our beer guy.

Speaker 1: Yeah man.

Bradley: Sorry. Priorities, right? Next week, when we're back, I've got several updates planned already, so anybody that's purchased the Kingpin guys, updates are going to be coming literally from the next 8 to 10 weeks, seriously. I've got a lot that I'm still learning that I want to convey to you guys, because I'm still doing a lot of testing. I mean, I've setup about half a dozen funnels, AdWords campaigns, different funnels, I'm only sharing 2 of them. That's the original case study is part of Local Kingpin, and then I setup a second case study, which is going to be basically built out in real time, in front of you, all Local Kingpin buyers or members.

Then, I've got multiple other funnels setup that I'm testing various campaign types and ad types and stuff like that, so as I continue to refine the process. Remember, it is somewhat newer to me, and I'm going to be sharing that with you guys. That's interesting, because it's a one off purchase, but if you haven't jumped on it yet, guys, you can't get the launch price anymore, but get on it. Because, it's going to continue to be developed out and it's … I tell Tom and these guys about how I'm actually transitioning my own lead gen business away from the SEO model and more towards the paid traffic model, because it's so much more scalable.

Don't get us wrong, here at Semantic Mastery, we're still going to be providing SEO training and everything else, but literally for my own business, the maintenance required and the amount of work that goes into ranking sites to generate leads whether for my own lead gen business or for customers and clients, it's so much more work. You know how the increase in complexity in SEO, to me, the paid traffic is a much more scalable way that you can initially generate leads with, while you work on SEO if that makes sense. That you can get leads up and get profitable, start generating revenue for your business and your customers very quickly, and then you can improve the profitability of those campaigns by using SEO, if that makes sense.

Okay, cool.


Bradley: All right.

Marco: I'm not going to [inaudible 00:24:04] here, but JavaScript guys, JavaScript is the way to go. A lot of power in JavaScript's, nobody's doing it, we're going to do it. Excuse me, beer time.

Bradley: Gracias, thank you. Cheers.

Marco: All right.

Bradley: All right, do we have any questions that we're going to tackle?

Adam: Yeah, we got [crosstalk 00:24:27], I've got my phone, let me uh …

Marco: Yeah, do it before I have another beer and can't answer.

Bradley: Oh, I gotta have several more.

Adam: Here you go.

Bradley: By the way, just so you guys know, this is not all … We're not just talking business here, we work for a few hours a day, various meetings throughout the day, we discuss the time. The rest of the time, we're having fun man, we are, we're having a great time. We're eating well, we're drinking well, we're having a good time, there's a gym where we worked out together today, Marco and I did. Adam, he's a crazy runner. All right, user questions?

Adam: Yeah, let's just take 1 or 2, then I think we'll wrap it up and get out of the sun before we might … Well, the shade is [crosstalk 00:25:05].

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Boost Maps Ranking For City Specific Keywords

Bradley: Okay cool, there's only 3 questions, that's good. All right cool, well, thanks to everybody for not like [inaudible 00:25:09] us with questions today, appreciate that. All right, so, we'll go with Carol's first, she says, “Hi guys, hope you're having fun, question about ranking maps. I'm in Tampa Bay with 3 large cities in a 25 mile radius, a local client is showing in the maps were a few keywords, but only for the keyword … What just happened? There must be another … Oh wow, there's a lot …

Oh, holy crap, never mind. Just realized that there's a ton of questions, your phone just updated.

Adam: There's mostly comments, so.

Bradley: Okay, cool, sorry, I just kind of freaking out, I was like, whoa, we've got a lot of work to do. Let's get back to Carol's question, let's see. Okay, a local client is showing in the maps for a few keywords but only for the keyword not with a city modifier. What do I need to focus on to get him in the maps for the keyword city, even if it's just for Tampa? All right, well, first of all before we answer this question-

Marco: She's in [inaudible 00:25:59] academy.

Bradley: Yeah, she is.

Marco: I haven't been in the Facebook [inaudible 00:26:02] academy, I'm sorry, ask your question there Carol, you know I always take care of you, no matter what. You're a member, and membership has it's privileges, so I will take care of you. I'll answer this, it's really simple. We've been through this before and we did a webinar on this and I can show you [inaudible 00:26:22] that stuff. For those of you guys, you should know. RYS academy, is like ranking Google, using Google and it's working, it was working 18 months ago. 2 years ago, still works.

Bradley: If you don't want to do all the work [crosstalk 00:26:42]. Anyways, let me answer her question, because there's something I want to talk about. Hey, Carol, what you should do just to confirm, if you're … Well, I'm … Go to the Google keyword … I'm sorry, Google AdWords interface and open up the ad preview and diagnosis tool. Then start doing some keyword searches, set your location to Tampa, you may be in Tampa, that's fine. What I would do is take a look … I've got a lot of clients in various locations and if I do a search for my local IP with a local modifier and I look for …

For example, tree service, Fredericksburg. I'll use that as an example, tree service, Fredericksburg, for my local IP and I'm not in Fredericksburg, the listings that I optimize don't show in the Maps pack, for me, because I'm searching from a new IP. This is a newer phenomenon that I've noticed, and it's only because I'm being in AdWords that I found this out, but if I go into the ad preview and diagnosis tool and set my IP to Fredericksburg and then I do a search with just the general keyword, or the general keyword plus the local modifier, it shows up.

It's almost as if Google is localizing the results to where, if you're searching from a foreign IP or an IP not located in that city, that they're going to show you differing results. Now, I don't know if that's your case, I'm just saying you might want to investigate that a bit. Because it may be that you are listed, I don't know that, I'm just saying it might be that you are listed but you're just not seeing it. That's just one thing that you could check. The other thing Marco said for real is doing drive stacks and I know she's RYS so, but doing drive stacks, that should help.

Also, make sure that you're doing the IFTTT model, you should be, I know, because you're a Mastermind member as well and continue publishing posts. Make sure that you're mentioning the various cities, I just read the rest of your question, that your service area covers 3 cities. You're not physically located or the business is not physically located in Tampa. What I would do is make sure that your site, the customer site, the client site is siloed out, have location categories, make sure that you publish posts within those location categories.

For example, Tampa, and then mention Tampa within the content itself, and have it published within that category and make sure that's going out to the IFTTT network and being published to the Google local page, if that makes sense. Because what that's going to do, it's going to start to reinforce that Google local listing with content with the mentions of those keywords, and those locations as well. It's not something that's going to drive stacks can help, very, very quickly. IFTTT model is going to take some time, obviously, the more you publish, the more frequently you publish, the faster the results should be, does that make sense?

Marco: I'm also thinking that crowd search, some click from-

Bradley: Yup, that's another one, crowd search would help.

Marco: Well, I'm not going to say how but in RYS [crosstalk 00:29:29]. Yeah.

Speaker 1: Let me see your event page again.

Marco: Some crowd search with some modifiers and then it should be good to go.

Bradley: Yeah, crowd search has that local map search function now, and it works well but you don't want to crazy with that because it can raise a red flag if you go heavy on click through's. 2 things, do the Maps click through, which is … If you need some more training on this Carol, we can do this in the Mastermind next week. We'll be back next week, we have a Mastermind schedule next week, we can cover this more in depth. By the way, speaking of that, just post this question, we will get more in depth with this for you in Mastermind next week, so post it on the Mastermind events page.

I created that on Monday, that said, for everyone else, using the Maps ranking feature in crowd search, that's going to help for keywords. Also, you want to improve site weight. In order to improve site weight, you want to setup some navigational search CT spam, click through spam. That's basically searching for the brand name, reinforcing that. Plus, you can send some referral traffic through some of your IFTTT properties, that end up clicking through to the site. That's going to help too, because that increases site authority if that makes sense.

Marco: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: All right, what's next?

Adam: All right, what you do you think we'll do, we'll do like 1 or 2 more questions.

Bradley: We've got time right? What time is it? It's only 4:30.

Adam: Oh, never mind, Dean's got the next one, I'll let you read it. I was going to grab the short one.

Build Links For HTTPS Website That Is Being Redirected From HTTP

Bradley: Excuse me guys. Okay, Dean says, if a site was originally HTTP version with the back links, then redirected to HTTPS version and built on the HTTPS version, would it better to still build IFTTT SEO links to the non-SSL version so you can kill the redirect if something happened? Or would you just build links? Now, why would … I don't know why you would over remove SSL from the domain once you've set it up. Once you've set it up, I would never remove it. No, I would just build … Going forward, any new links, just let them resolve to the SSL version.

Marco: Canonical. That's all you need to do. Canonicalize and then you set.

Bradley: Okay.

This Stuff Works

Marco: That's it.

Bradley: All right, if you don't mind, I'm going to keep going for a couple of minutes. We've got beer.

Adam: I'm looking around, I don't see a …

Registering Expired Domains

Bradley: They're not cutting into my drinking time, the questions are not cutting into my drinking time. All right guys, so Carol's up again. She says, when you buy expired domains, how do you register them? Use a persona for the register? No, I never do. I know, other people out there will tell you to use fake, who is data, all that stuff. I never do it, I never do it, I just use [inaudible 00:32:04] private, who is, and that's it.

Adam: I'm just curious, do you use Google at all to register stuff?

Bradley: I do everything through Namecheap. Namecheap, GoDaddy and DomainCheapters.com, I have a few registers, but pretty much everything now goes through Namecheap, just about.

Hernan: They'll give you one year for free with who is, and then it's like super cheap, too.

Bradley: Remember, I don't build a whole lot of PBN's and private link network sites, I really don't, because we don't need to. Produce results without it.

Marco: Because guys, PBN's are dying. Unless, you're creating an entity and it's a valid entity and it's connected to other places that are entities, but if not, if it's just PBN that provides a link … Yeah. It's called the distance [inaudible 00:32:50].

Adam: We're getting closer and closer.

Bradley: The beers are over here.

Marco: I wrote about it, read about it.

Bradley: You're not drinking that are you?

Hernan: No.

Bradley: Cool.

Marco: Go look at the blog, I critiqued in it when, about a year ago, right?

Hernan: Yeah.

Marco: [crosstalk 00:33:03] now.

Hernan: Right.

Marco: I predicted it a year ago, so go look it up, and go see it, so you that you can understand why you need to drop some kind of entity around your PBN.

Bradley: Yeah, validate the entity guys. In our Mastermind, last week, we shared something that's been around for years. It hasn't even been updated since 2014, I think? The linked over diagram, if you look that up, Google it, sorry guys, I'm not able to be on the computer right now but I think it's called Linked Open Beta or Link-

Marco: Help in Beta, something like that.

Bradley: Maybe I'll share it next week, if you got somebody reminds me during Mastermind. Excuse me, during Hump Day Hangouts next week, I'll share that because it proves the whole point of just trying to have a presence on multiple platforms. Seriously, just getting your name or the brand name across as many properties on the web as you possibly can, don't worry about the metrics. Metrics mean nothing guys, it's about having a presence. Seriously. [inaudible 00:33:59] too, but absolutely relevancy. I'm saying, just having a presence on multiple properties is going to reinforce… It's going to add weight to the site, site weight, right?

Hernan: Right.

Bradley: It's going to build the site authority, and we're having some pretty good success with that as well. Dammit, I just lost it again. I don't know why you're …

Adam: Keeping Bradley out of my phone, got security on here. Let's see, so we had, Dean was last, Carol. All right. Also, real quick, who has the best guns? Put it between these 2 guys, these guys are the one's who are going to the gym and lifting, I'm just running, so.

Bradley: Marco's definitely stronger but I don't know. We're catching up. We're catching up. I was noticing some of the comments, somebody said, “Cheers,” I want to say “Cheers,” back, thank you. Carol said it's time for a drink, yes it is. We've invited everybody to have drinks from yesterday.

Adam: Jordan's got a couple here. First one's a little long, so I'll let you read it.

Bradley: All right, but before I do that, I just want to give a shout out to Andrew Walker. I know that you just posted a question.

Marco: Andrew.

Bradley: Andrew's a friend of mine, he's a guy local to me and I'm helping him. He's got an IT business everybody, he's a PC repair guy, he does information technology, networking, that kind of stuff. Guy's a real sharp guy, I like him a lot and I'm actually helping him trying to get an online presence now, I'm doing it out of the kindness of my heart because he's a good guy.

Speaker 1: You're doing a case study on that?

This Stuff Works

Bradley: No, I'm not, I'm just helping him out.

Adam: [crosstalk 00:35:18] saying, if you're in the Virginia, you should use him.

Bradley: Absolutely, contact him even if you're not in Virginia, he can help you remotely with any area of work. He posted right on the event page, Andrew Walker, check him out if you guys have any IT issues, anything like that, reach out to him, pay him, reach out to him and he'll give you a hand. Andrew's a good dude, shout out to you. [inaudible 00:35:37] says, who is the best [inaudible 00:35:38], we already asked that. Love the hats and the rowdy guys wearing the awesome [inaudible 00:35:43], thank you.

Checking Indexed Network Properties

Jordan's up, he says, how does one check to make sure the network properties are getting indexed? I ain't seeing them in monitorbacklinks.com. Jordan, don't worry about that, don't worry about that. Because Google's seeing your links, most likely you're going to see them in search console if your sites are registered in search console. If you go … Now look, Terry Kyle just did a blog post, yesterday about this. Even Google was starting to restrict what they show in search console.

Majestic and AA [inaudible 00:36:09] aren't going to show them either, very rarely. The only time [inaudible 00:36:13], well [inaudible 00:36:14] shows more links than Majestic. Majestic will only show links if they're particularly powerful, so a lot of your web 2 links are never going to show, don't worry about it.

Adam: I forget which one, but it's 90 days for the first index.

Bradley: Yeah, the first index, that's right.

Hernan: I would say that Jordan, do not focus that much on indexation, because although other than searching them with a site operator or with an info operator and excluding your own domain so that you can see what kind of ambiguity. You have online, searching your brand, et cetera. That will help you out.

Bradley: He said ambiguity, good word man. Word of the day. Points for Hernan.

Hernan: That would give you an idea, with that said, focus on traffic and focus on … If you want to focus on rankings, by all means, you can use SEM rush to see what kind of exposure you're getting, but focus on traffic and focus on rankings mostly instead of indexing. Because, as the guys who are saying, not even Google will show you and relying on a third party tool is pushing it.

Marco: We've proven this before and we've shown it time and again in RYS academy, I know I keep coming back to it. I don't want to plug it, but we've shown that you can rank whatever. A URL, a doc, any type of drive doc, without it being indexed. We've been able to rank it on first page. Indexing doesn't mean that Google doesn't recognize it.

Bradley: You mean that the page that has the link be indexed, right?

Marco: Right.

Hernan: Right, yeah, yeah.

Marco: Google has it on in it's whatever, in it's database. It's there and Google knows.

Bradley: Google will crawl it, even if they don't index it guys, they'll crawl it and they'll know the link's there. Hernan has done testing with PBN's that are set to no index.

Hernan: No index PBN and they'll work. [crosstalk 00:37:58].

Bradley: I didn't do the testing but he did and if he says that it's working it's law, in my opinion. All right, hold on, the follow up to that Jordan says, sorry, let's get back to it because it keeps updating. He was talking about back links index, or excuse me, the plug in, back link commando. No, they stopped supporting it. Sucks, because it was good, it worked, but they stopped supporting it. We talked about potentially developing our own plug in to do that, because it really could be just a simple plug in.

Marco: Too much to do, it's just so much.

Bradley: We've got too much to do. One of our Mastermind members are [inaudible 00:38:30].

Marco: [inaudible 00:38:32].

Bradley: I don't know if I'm butchering his name, sorry.

Marco: Get it done, man.

Bradley: He's talked about doing that, and if he does that, I'm sure he'll reach out to us to help promote that, and we'll certainly let you guys know.

Adam: We've got at least like 1 or 2 questions a month.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: If it's people asking, then there's a ton of people [crosstalk 00:38:50].

Marco: It's paying itself, somebody's gotta solve it.

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Keeping The Local Ranking And Local Presence of A Business That Is About To Relocate

Bradley: Okay, so we got a few more. We've got a few minutes guys, so we'll just keep going. Jordan's got the next one again, I have a client who's moving his rank super high, it's a church, moving to a new campus, same city. We want to ensure as smooth a process as possible, tips? My suggestion, go to Loganix and hire their citation cleanup service, tell them exactly what's happening, hand them the 500 bucks and have them take care of it for you. That's exactly what I would do, because that's a nightmare. It really is, it's a nightmare at works. Let them do it, they're professionals at it, Jordan, I think you're in the US, they're incredibly good at the US market.

Other market's, not so much.

Adam: Jordan, we're going to see you in February man, we're going down to Texas, so we're going to meetup.

Bradley: Definitely dude, so check out Loganix and their service for that. We even have an affiliate link, Semanticmastery.com/loganix if you want to send us some credit for that, but honestly, it's a great service guys, I highly recommend it. That's who I use.

IFTTT Update

Logan, that's an interesting name, sorry if I pronounce that wrong. He says, IFTTT has updated their system to Appleton, it seems to not have a watch later functionality for YouTube, is this true?

I don't know yet, because I haven't explore this yet, we've been really wrapped up with this meeting guys, and everything, but our next update webinar, I just scheduled it, for not next Wednesday, but the following Wednesday. Our next update webinar, I will have gone through and worked out the process for that guys. We'll make sure we take care of all that by the next update webinar which is November 23rd.

Marco: That doesn't mean all of the videos and the training's are going to be redone, we're going to do an update.

Bradley: Right, we're going to an update, we'll make that … We'll also probably put that right up in the front and center of the update section about how the applets work. Also, some of our members, I think Jordan [inaudible 00:40:39] was one of them, maybe Greg [inaudible 00:40:41], some of you guys in the IFTTT Facebook group, have talked about even reaching out to support at IFTTT and complaining and they're saying that they're going to resolve some of these issues. Because apparently, a whole lot of people are pissed off about these changes.

Hernan: On the official IFTTT group that is.

Marco: Can you talk about why, or how it's actually improved? The functionality in IFTTT, what it is that they did?

Bradley: Multi steps and-

Adam: Yeah, well, I think I honestly have like a very surface understanding because I glazed through, read through real quick the changes, so I don't want to say anything with 100%. It looks like there might be multi stuff, which was something that was limited [inaudible 00:41:23] first. Yeah, premium. As far as doing like, okay, I'm going to look at something coming out of WordPress, I want to grab something and take it over to Twitter and then from that, I want to also send an email. They were doing that, and it looks like there may be a way to do that now with IFTTT.

Power Up Your Semantic Hubs Aside From PBN

Bradley: Okay, Dawn's up, he says, so, if you're not doing PBN so much, what are you using to power up your semantic hubs and other properties? I send my branded networks over to our link building services, the same one that's offered in [inaudible 00:41:56]space, so I send that over to that whenever I have branded network setup, which is for everything. He says if his dog sits still long enough, he get an IFTTT network around his neck. Seriously, that's what I do, I just power up the tier 1 network, and that's pretty much it. For some particularly difficult keywords, I will go out and buy some expired domains through [inaudible 00:42:18] backlinks, semanticmastery.com/bluechip or Blue Chip Backlinks, one of those, try them.

Or Blue Chip, just go direct to the site, doesn't matter.

Marco: Resources, go to our resources page.

Bradley: Terry Kyle's Blue Chip backlinks is a great way to pick up domains, but guys, the relevancy is absolutely key. Don't worry about the metrics so much, look for relevancy, and then when you're doing the analysis on the prospective domain, make sure that you have at least one inbound link from a seed site. Which means a trusted authority site in that pitch. Don't worry about the trust flow metrics, none of that guys, just looked for an aged domain that was 100% relevant to what you're going to be using to link from, to, does that make sense? Then make sure that there's at least one inbound link. Sometimes that's all you need.

I pick up a lot of domains from … Because I do a lot of home services construction stuff, I pick up a lot of domains that have [inaudible 00:43:09] links. Or, what is it, home and garden network, this old house, a lot of those types of things. All it needs is one backlink coming into that inbound domain, and then what I'll do is I'll rebuild the domain with the old content, and then I'll go hack my link and it's just HTML, it's real simple to do, you can upload it to Amazon as 3, you can upload it to any hosting account whatsoever. It's just an HTML file, its very simple to edit.

I'll hack my link into the page, and that's it, done. That's all I'm concerned about. Again, it's not the metrics that I'm worried about, it's about the relevancy.

Marco: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: I do still do that, but I only do that when I particularly need to, you know what I mean? For something difficult, other than that, it's about content marketing, and it's about drive stacks, you know what I mean? It really is, you just continue a new published post in the IFTTT networks, because over time, that relevancy will build and you're going to continue to reinforce that entity.

Hernan: With that said, we are in conversations because guys, the domains that were getting, Blue Chip Backlinks is a great tool, but we have our own domain service within service space. The domains that come from that service, they're crazy, we should be pricing them way higher but, my point is that you will get really relevant domains and really powerful domains. I cannot promise you this, but I made a test order because that's what we do when we are mystery shopping our own services, we do test services and I got a couple of domains with backlinks from Wikipedia, you know?

Again, I'm not promising that you will get that, but the quality is that good. We're in conversations also to get that for your PBN services, we're just ironing out the details in terms of hosting, whatever. That's coming as well in [inaudible 00:44:53] space, and it's going to be really good because we have found great builder that they will really not look like PBN's.

Bradley: They don't look like PBN's.

Hernan: Oh no, at all.

Bradley: They're full on, real websites, they put all tons of content on them, they look beautiful. I mean, it's really impressive.

Adam: That's good, because they're websites, they're no longer-

Hernan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so that's coming.

Bradley: Okay, so Andrew Walker says thanks Bradley, you're the man. By the way, advanced-pcs.com, that's Andrew Walker. Advanced-pcs.com, network, IT, anything like that, talk to PC repair, security, anything like that. Time Clark says you guys are the absolute best, thanks for phone and commitment, thanks for Tom. I'd plus one you but I … I guess I could from your phone. Lane says, creating my first e-commerce website for a client, any training tips that you can point to? I'm not the e-commerce guy.

Hernan: What are you using?

Bradley: Yeah, it depends, get more specific and we'll check that on the page, let us know-

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:45:53], whatever you're using, let us know because there's big difference. I like doing [inaudible 00:45:57] commerce because it's based on WordPress obviously. It will strongly depends on what you're using so.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 89

By April


Click on the video above to watch Episode 89 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: Well, indeed we are here, buddy. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts episode 89 with Semantic Mastery. Today is the 20th of July, 2016. We've got a couple of us here today. So, hey, Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hey, Adam, hey everyone at Facebook, Google+, everything. Earthlings, it's really good to be here.

Adam: Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: What's up, man? It's good.

Adam: Let's see. Just so you know, we don't see you. I don't know if that's on purpose or not.

Bradley: Well, let me check my settings.

Adam: Good deal. Well I'll go through some quick announcements. We told everybody…

Bradley: Can you guys see me now?

Adam: Yeah, there we go.

Bradley: All right.

Adam: Cool. So I'm going to put the link up, everybody. We had a couple respondents to our Rant Mastery. If you guys want to chime in there, it redirects right to a Google forum. I'm getting phone calls. All right. So if you can pop stuff in there real quick. It's going to be just quick responses we're going to start doing on Facebook, via Facebook live, through the Semantic Mastery page. It's kind of fair game, but obviously if it's something really off-topic or something too in-depth, we're going to have to skip it.

Bradley: Yeah, so the idea, guys, is rant mastery. We need ideas to rant about, so rant requests is what we're looking for. It's a one-question Google form, and it's 100% anonymous, so just submit stuff that you would like for us to rant, sound off about. We're going to do Facebook Live posts. It's probably I was thinking about doing one per day but it might be like two or three per week, something like that. We're going to take ideas from people. It can be just about anything. It doesn't have to be about specifically SEO and stuff like that. Remember, our Q&A session is this, Hump Day Hangout. If you guys have something short, or whatever, we'll take all ideas, any and all ideas because it gives us ideas of stuff to rant about. Submit your stuff. You can be smart-asses if you want.

Adam: I was about to say. I know I'm going to really open up the floodgates here, but we read every single one of those entries. Already we've had a good chuckle or two, so, you know, keep it somewhat clean. By all means, put in there whatever you want. Could be anything. We've had some good ones. I think I've got one I'm actually going to do probably tomorrow or Friday when I get some time.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah, and we're probably going to start those full-force after today. We just needed a few more entries. We had a few, but we'd like to get some more, so you guys help us out. Contribute to it and give us some stuff to rant about.

Adam: Yeah, and one more reminder for everybody. Right after Hump Day Hangouts at 5:00, we're going to be doing how to livestream part two with OBS, Open-Broadcast Software. I guess that's what OBS is. It's a little bit better way. I prefer it to Wire Cast. It's right now what Bradley's using to dual stream to more than one location. For me, I just think it's simple. I like it. It's easy to use. If you're interested in how to do that, we're going to paste the link on the page and hopefully you got an email. If you're watching this down the road, you'll be able to click on the link and go watch it. This is going to be some training that we're going to offer people. It's something neat that we do, so we wanted to share it with you guys.

Bradley: Yeah, and Adam, next time you paste a sub-domain, don't put www in front of it. It doesn't work.

Adam: Interesting.

Bradley: So, just so you know.

Adam: No, I had it in my notepad without anything and was like, ooh, I'll make it all, anyways.

Hernan: Sorry, Bradley, but just a quick note on the webinar, that's what we're using right now to livestream all over the place. Facebook has been giving a ton of exposure lately to live events. I think it's a great opportunity for people to come and leverage on that opportunity, you know? I think this is a great tool. It's free. It is kind of a … well, it's not a pain, but it has tricks and perks to set up. That's why we are doing the OBS webinar anyway. I suggest that you come, sign up; it's free. It's going to be a pure value.

Bradley: Yeah, no pitch. And it's not going to be a real long webinar, guys. It'll be an hour or less. It's not real in-depth on how to use OBS. It's actually fairly simple to use. I think it's a lot easier to use than Wire Cast to be honest with you. I really like it. It's open-source. It's 100% free. The webinar we're doing today, guys, it's 100% value. There's no pitch at all. You guys come check it out and you'll learn how to use OBS, which we just started using about a month ago. I really, really like it. It gives us the ability to simulcast both YouTube and Facebook Live at the same time.

Like Hernan said, Facebook Live posts are getting about 25% reach. Whatever the Facebook page total like number is, every time we do a Facebook Live post, it gets pushed out through the edge rank algorithm and shown to about 25% of the overall audience, or the people who have liked the page. That's really cool. Then they'll give you the option to boost it, which will give you another 25% reach, roughly. That's pretty significant, considering most posts get anywhere between 5 to 10%. 10% is even high engagement, unless you boost it, for regular-type posts. Facebook Live posts are doing really, really well for engagement, and that's why we started to use it. We want to kind of show everyone else how to use it as well. We'll be doing that today at 5:00 PM, so in about 45-50 minutes from now. All right?

Adam: Good deal. Well, that's all I've got on my end. Do you guys have anything?

Bradley: No, I think we're good. Let's go ahead and try this again, because remember, it's a little bit tricky if you're doing a screen share. If I select just Google hangouts tell me you guys aren't seeing anything but a black screen, right?

This Stuff Works

Adam: Correct.

Bradley: All right, let's do this. Let's go select Firefox window. It's a little bit tricky setting this up. That's it right there. You guys should be seeing it now.

Adam: Good to go.

Hernan: All right.

Bradley: I am going to go ahead and show Chrome and webcam over here actually do this. Everybody should be good to go. All right guys, sorry about that it's a little bit tricky managing all of these at the same time. All right, let's do it. Let's get into the questions.

How Likely Is It To Get Mention From Huffington And Forbes?

Alex says, “Bradley, how likely is it to get a Forbes or Huff post-like website to mention me on their site if I contact them? Say I do land a backlink from them, how many would someone need to gain authority in the health beauty niche to rank from zero to at least the first five pages?

Well you mean from not indexed or not in the top 100 to the first five pages. I am assuming that's what you mean Alex. How hard is it to get a link from them? Well if you could get a guest post, if you could somehow work your way in and get a guest post on it, you could get it that way. Something else you could do is there are what they call editorial links. There are a lot of services out there now that sell editorial links. They are damned expensive. I mean hugely expensive. Sometimes they are thousands and thousands of dollars for one link. In fact, Hernan, can you … I know local client takeover, those guys, have an editorial link service.

Hernan: Yeah, yeah.

Bradley: Can you locate that and drop it on the vent page for him.

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: It's really expensive, but that's why it's expensive, because those links are so effective. It's very difficult to weasel your way in and get a link on your own. You have to pretty much build relationships with journalists and things like that. That are regular contributors to those media outlets in order to get them to use a quote of yours or something like that in one of their articles, in which case they'll link back to you. It's difficult to do that. You can if you've got the time, then you could do that.

Another site that you could look at for opportunities to comment on stories that are going to be written would be HARO Help A Reporter Out. That's something else you can sign up for a free account and get alerts on a daily basis and that's called Help A Reporter Outer. Let’s go take a look at that real quick. The email, the upcoming request from journalist and writers, bloggers and that kind of thing that are looking for experts in that particular subject matters and they'll tell you what the subject matter of the articles are. Then you can submit details to the writer saying that you can be quoted on that. When they quote you, that's when they'll link back to you. Let’s take a look at this real quick.

Help A Reporter Out right there. That's helpareporterout.com, okay? That's it right there. You can sign up for a free services on the source, sign up that way and then you can get them to send you, everyday they'll send you some available opportunities and things like that. Now you'll be competing with others too, so just keep that in mind. It definitely takes work. That's why the services like the one that Hernan is going to drop on the page is valuable because they've done all the leg work, you just pay them a lot of money and you get to link back. Hopefully that was helpful.

Hernan: I'm talking to Mark [Luckenbo 00:09:32] from [Nelcity 00:09:34] and they do not have it publicly but they will toss a contact information so that if you guys are interested getting it, it’s not cheap but they can get the job done for you. Another option that, I think diving like deep into guest posting to increase like brand awareness for Semantic Mastery and what not. There are a bunch of people out there that you would think that they wouldn't even answer your emails. It’s not like that. If you have something worth saying or sharing Alex, go ahead and pitch them, you may be lucky and at some point you need you just need to follow up with the guys and what not.

I thought it would be harder but we landed some nice guest posts. We're talking not only about the link possibility or the Link shoes but the traffic that is guest post can get. You have several options. The other option is to scrape them using Blue Chip Backlinks you know and 301 those links to whatever you want to you want to write. That's like a third option.

Bradley: Yeah that's not quite as effective is still effective and it's better than not having them at all. With your backlinks in fact I'm pretty, maybe not, I might be thinking of the old crawler I was using. They used to have specific categories like from CNN, Huffington Post, Forbes, those kind of things, Entrepreneur Inc. magazine, they used to have like lists of available domains that they have scraped them, that might've been the other crawler. Regardless you can call yourself if you want, if you have access to that tool. Okay also just wanted to thank you guys, I'm very thankful to have found out about you guys and I have IFTTT.

How Many Forbes Or Huffington Mentions To Gain Authority In The Health/Beauty Niche?

Well plus one that but I'm in the Firefox window so won't let me. The second part of that question I didn't finish and I'm sorry about that. He said so say I do land a backlink from them, how would someone need to gain authority, how many would somebody need to gain authority and help building their strength from zero to at least first five pages? Too many variables there Alex, there's too many variables. Because I mean like for example if you on-page isn't correct, I'm assuming yours is but I'm just saying if your on-page is poor, then you're going to require a hell of a lot more backlinks. If you have really really strong on page, you've got an authority type site. If it's a newer site most likely it's not going to mean of authority type site. If you did, having an authority type site, its siloed as well as a lot of content, interlinking is done properly. All of that then it will take less links than it would if you had a poor site with poor on-page SEO.

This Stuff Works

Like I said there's too many variables for us to be able tell you how many links you're going to need.

Would Rankings Be Affected With Trailing Slash In The URL?

Paul says, “Hey guys, I've got a question out of left field for you.” Okay. “I've a web designer who redesigned the site for a client. When they uploaded the new site, it lost ranking. Nothing new there, it happens but the client is pissed in went out and got opinions on why. Here is what the clowns said. They said the URL was built wrong with a forward slash on the end of the URL and I was one of the reasons it lost ranking. If it ends in a trailing slash, it creates a meta-refresh that returns the error status 503 to the Google bot. My first reaction is that they're full of shit what you think? Thanks. Yeah that shouldn't make any difference whatsoever. Returns at 503 to the Google bot. I don't know, I've never looked at it from a Google bot standpoint.

Adam: No they should, my opinion on this and Macro since he joined maybe he can chime in on this one.

Bradley: Hi Marco.

Adam: Yeah but the point is that I think that it shouldn't be able to turn a 503 error because that's a server error.

Bradley: Yeah [crosstalk 00:13:32]

Adam: Yeah. If you're getting a bad Gateway, that's something to be fixed on your server but it doesn't have anything to do with the URL. If it isn't meta-refresh or 301, you could be 301 like the end of the training slash two though without trailing slash or whatever, you can do that on WordPress itself. If you're getting a 503 and that's something that you're actually seeing, just plug it into [inaudible 00:13:58] or red checker or whatever. That's something that you need to fix but it's on the server side. It doesn't have to do with the trailing slash.

Bradley: 503 a service unavailable error, that sounds like server error not a URL errors. Anyways I'm sorry go ahead Marco.

Marco: No what I would ask is, is this what they're telling the client or is this actually what's showing up when you look it up, run it as Google bot inside what is it? The search console. Because if that's just what they're saying, the trailing slash has absolutely nothing to do. I mean it could be the theme that's the problem with the trailing slash. It could always change the way we have like the 301, everything that returns in error gets 301 to the own page or whatever destination you want. I don't see way it would be returning a server error just because of that forward slash or trailing slash. That's by default in WordPress when you choose your own permalink trailing. I mean you go over with setting up your own permalink, I mean that's added by default by most themes. I don't see why that would be a problem.

Bradley: Yeah. What I would do is just like he said, you want add your site, the search console and go to fetch and render or use a Google fetch tool. Inside a Webmaster tools or search console and it'll tell you like what codes and things like that. Fetch is Google, that's what you want to do is take a look at it that way and see what the errors are. I think they're full of shit too. I mean if there's some sort of error code that is being generated and it’s something that can be fixed and it’s probably going to be on the server side. It might be something that could be done in HTTP access or whatever too.

Hernan: Yeah because 503 has to do with the HTTP request. You're requesting that URL to the server, the server error says, no sorry. That's unavailable right now because of whatever, delay … Oh there you go. No you're not looking. Look that up, 503 error [crosstalk 00:16:17].

Bradley: What I've done just a second ago.

Hernan: They're going to tell you exactly what I told you, that that whatever is running the website has a problem, they can't handle the request.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: It’s saying a server unavailable error, what it is and how to fix it, PC support.

Hernan: There you go.

Bradley: There you go.

Hernan: If you can't find an answer, Google it.

Bradley: That's right. Hopefully that's it. Server's too or because there's maintenance being performed on it. That's a server error code and doesn't have anything to do with the trailing slash and the URL. If it is, you could always contact the host and say what's going on with this trouble. If you're dealing with a good host which is why we always recommend Liquid Web because the Liquid Web has awesome support that pretty much takes care of any issue ever but a lot of the cheaper host won't do it for you.

Hernan: Oh yeah, after fighting with [inaudible 00:17:09] for I don't know, maybe a year, Liquid Web is like heaven.

Is It Okay To Use The Same Gmail Accounts To Build Other IFTTT Networks?

Bradley: Liquid Web is totally worth the extra money. Dean says one building IFTTT networks based around niche A with Gmail phone verified accounts and Google sign ins, is it okay to build out a few more networks for niche B still using the same Gmail account and using it to sign in etc. is that spammy? Because as a web designer I have a few client sites already in my main Webmaster tools account and would save me time to perhaps use the same persona i.e. the real me to do that. Many thanks, just put my first network one day ago plus one that.

Well you can Dean but I wouldn't recommend it. The thing is, is what I've said this is how I do it and this is what I recommend is that every time you build new networks that you still set up a persona even if it's branded networks for that matter. I mean the way I do it is I set up a persona which is the account owner so to speak, right? Like that's the page owner of the younger Google account owner is the profile, that's a person or persona in this case. Dean what you do is you set up the branded accounts, the page, the Google plus page and YouTube channel and all that kind of stuff and then you assign yourself your profile, your main Dean's signatory profile as the manager so that you can access it from your own Google dashboard without having to login through a different login. That's what I recommend that you do.

The reason why I say that is because it separates accounts. Let’s say that you had you know 10 different sites and they were all and they were all, so you had different networks and you built them all underneath your main profile or any one profile, does that make sense? Like whether it’s yours or somebody else's profile doesn't matter. Let’s just say that all of those accounts were under that one profile. Something were to happen at some point where Google thought you were doing something spammy and decided to terminate your account, you'd lose all of those, okay? All 10 sites. At least when use a persona as the account owner and you assign yourself as the manager, then you can still manage all of those accounts through your profile.

If you were to ever get terminated because you weren't the page owner, that page would still, it would be affected, it would just terminate your account but it wouldn't terminate the page owner's account. Does that make sense? What I suggest doing is, I know it's a little bit of extra work but it is just a way to prevent yourself from putting all your eggs in one basket in case Google decides to take that basket from you. I always recommend that you separate it. Okay. Let’s see, I already have sites in my main Webmaster tools account, would like to save time perhaps … Yes, the same thing though. I mean once you because you can add your main profile as a manager so that you can access the Google Plus page and the YouTube channel and the blogger account, stuff like that you can do all of that is a page manager.

Then if you want to add those sites to your search console or Webmaster tools account and your analytics account and things like that, you can you just add yourself as a user. Within search console, you click on the top right where the settings are and you add users, click on add users or whatever the term is and then you just submit your Gmail address and then you can also restrict the access level to like read-only or full rights and that kind of stuff. I would recommend that's what you do is still set up the new networks on a new personas and then just make yourself a on page manager as well as a search console user and an analytics user well.

Marco: To go real quick to Paul's because he posted later on that it’s what they told the client. Here's his opportunity to make himself look like a boss. He just needs to make sure that everything is redirected to either the www or none www version of the website. We usually recommend www since it’s a subdomain. Make sure that you have it in Webmaster tools or search console or whatever you want to call it. Make sure that you have access to the cPanel and to the error logs then you go and you sit in front of your client and you run it through search console and then you run a regular request through all three browsers if you want, then you're going to look at the error logs, they should be completely clean and then you say, whoever told this, doesn't know what they're talking about and now you just look like a boss.

Bradley: That's right. Yeah that's what I was saying. Because you can turn this, let somebody else especially when they say some bullshit like that when you go back and can show them proof like that wasn't true, then that makes you look like a superstar. You'll earn their trust as well. One second guys, I got side tracked.

Why Does 3 Pack Shows Up Sometimes And Sometimes Not In Google SERPs?

The next questions is R [Bacon 00:22:19]. He says, Bradley quick question, I noticed when I search Google rankings for certain keywords that I ranked my sites for sometimes a three pack shows and sometimes it doesn't. Is there any explanation as to why only shows part of the time?

This Stuff Works

Well the only explanation I know of and there might be an actual like official answer to this, but the one that, my assumption is or my understanding is, is that Google is always always tweaking their search engine results pages and they're trying new things for different search phrases at different geographic locations and that sort of thing to determine the click through rates of the listings that they're displaying. Sometimes they show the maps sometimes they don't because I know what you're talking about, I see the same thing. However that said, what they do is they determine, they do is like a sample of with the three pack and without the three pack. Then they try to determine and they'll also change the positioning of the ad sometime.

Sometimes the ads, most of the time the ads are at the top, but sometimes they'll move the adds to the bottom of the page now instead of … Because they don't do it on the sidebar anymore anyways. What they do is monitor that the click through rates from the different configurations that they display in the search and results pages. Then over time to determine which one gets the most interactivity or most engagement or whatever. Then they choose to display that more often than not. It's almost like auto optimizing the search engine results pages. That's my understanding of it. I can also tell you I just pulled this up that's why I was distracted. This is an article search engine Roundtable that and I've noticed this a lot recently to and those of you that were on I don't know if we talked about this in Hump Day Hangouts or we talked about it master class last week, I think is master class. I'm doing a lot more AdWord stuff now.

I had never done AdWord stuff in the past, but this is part of the reason why, is because of what they're doing, the search engine results pages is now when you do local searches, most the time on desktops and laptops you're going see four ads and then you're going to see a maps three path. You don't even get to any organic listings until you're below the fold. Because of that, all of the sites that I've done, lead gen sites and plus client sites of mine that were focused 100% organic SEO. They didn't have a maps listing or they were in areas that they don't have a physical location and they also don't you outwards. Most of my clients have not to this point done AdWords. The problem is, is that most of the organic listings we've noticed have started to do considerably … Seen a considerable decline in call volume or leads in general.

About 80% of my businesses is phone calls for lead gen and for clients who, we generate phone calls that's our primary objective. We've seen all organic listings, we've seen significant drop in call volume. However the maps listings the wants that do have maps listings, they have stayed fairly steady. That's why I'm starting to do a lot more Adwords stuff now because we've got to evolve with the changing search. I'm recommending to clients, I've got a meeting with two different clients on Friday actually to pitch them AdWord services because … I'm going to use the same thing. We talked about this before but let's just bring this up real quick. If I say like roof repair let’s say Richmond, yeah. Take a look guys, there's four AdWord listings here first. Then you scroll down and then there's the maps pack with three listings. You've got to scroll a third of the way down the page before you even get to any organic listings. Because of that, a considerable call volume is dropped off.

As well like I said, I'm going to go meet with two roofing contractors in fact on Friday and I'm going to be showing them this and explaining this to them and saying, “Look guys, if you're not up here or in the maps, you're losing a hell of a lot of calls.” They're aware of that already. The link that I wanted to share which I'm sorry I got side tracked again. Here is, let me see if I can post it on this page without being signed. This is an SEO roundtable article that was just posted yesterday by Barry Schwartz. There is there is a lot of chatter on line right now about the maps listings have dwindled considerably. This is a like a before shot, you see this here and then we scroll down, this is the aftershock. You can see that the maps listings now are considerably reduced as well.

I'm not talking about the three pack, I'm talking about when you click on the show more results, so like right here where it says more places, if we click on this, we notice that I've noticed is for a lot of my lead gen sites because I'm always checking on stuff is that the maps listings, they're not showing the show more listings down here at the bottom. Like if you're not in the top whatever, however many they decide to display here, then there's no way to even access the maps listing unless you're looking specifically for that businesses name. If you read this article on here I'm finally pasted, I've been teasing you guys with it long enough. Let me try this right here. No, it’s not going to let me post on here. Adam I'm going to drop this in slack if you could …

Adam: It’s good.

Bradley: Fix down on the event page. What I was going to say with … What he says in this article is that, yeah I think they're paving the way, Google is paving the way for paid maps listings. They're starting to tweak the algorithm. Now again this is speculation at this point, but it seems pretty apparent what they're doing. They're reducing the number of maps listings are showing up organically so that they can start making room for AdWords paid maps listings. We had heard from Google announced before that the first listing in a maps pack is going to be paid out anyways. You can see if we are looking at the maps page right here, this is a paid ad.

From what I hear, from what I had heard on and I'd have to locate the article, but I heard that the first position in the three pack is going to start being an ad too. My point is guys if you're not evolving, then you're going end up not being able to perform as well as an SEO. I think AdWords is going to be something that's just going to be a necessary evil if you want Google traffic.

Hernan: Right, yeah. You make a great point here Bradley because we have talked about this time and time again in several occasions that every free traffic source ends up at some point ends up becoming a paid traffic source. It happens to Google, it happened to Facebook. You used to post on a Facebook fan page and you will reach everyone and know that's not even close. Every free “traffic source” ends up being a paper play, pay to play traffic source. You need to have that in mind, that's for once. The other hand is Google maps listing is not your business listing, is Google maps, it's Google's. You need to be really certain about that, that if you have a big Facebook page, it’s not yours, its Facebook's. If you have big Google Plus community, it’s not yours is Google Plus.

You need to be really really aware of that when you are trying to first explaining to the client and second developing any kind of asset online. The only things in my opinion that really belong to you are at the relationship that you have with your customers and with your clients and with your leads, your email list, maybe your website but that's pretty much it. In any other case you're trying to reach out for traffic eyeballs and you need to leverage other people's real state to do that. I think this is part of the rules of the game. We need to evolve as Bradley was saying. I think that it does a lot of good to start with that mindset, any kind of business or grow your business or even sit down to talk with a client, start with that mindset, because it will help you in the long run.

Bradley: Yeah and that's part of the reason I'm developing the local kingpin training now that's going to be released in October because of this reason. I'm trying to streamline the ability to set up lead gen funnels for local businesses or for your own digital asset portfolio, if you want to do lead gen business. I'm trying to streamline it where it's something that can be duplicated very very quickly. There are some benefits to AdWords guys. I mean literally you could set up a landing page and turn traffic on it 48 hours, within 48 hours. I mean its traffic on demand. There is definitely value in that and so that's what the local kingpin training is about.

Then there will be some SEO training in there too. It's going to be more about being able to set up funnels and turn traffic on very very quickly. Because SEO continues to get more complicated guys and there is no question and is not that I'm running scared, it's just that I want to provide the same kind of consistent results to my clients and for my own lead gen business that I've been able to over the last six years. It seems that without evolving and going into some paid traffic through Google that my abilities are starting to decline. Not as an SEO but is my abilities to generate leads if that make sense. This is something that I've been forced to learn is AdWords and now I see the value in it. To be honest with you, I'm not sure why I hadn't see it.

I guess before I didn't need it because SEO just works so damn well for generating leads that I just never thought about AdWords. I was like, that's stupid. I'm not paying for traffic. Now it's like being forced to pay for traffic. Just like I said, there's benefits to that it’s easily scalable.

What Are Your Thoughts On Text Tools For Semantic Keyword Analysis?

Greg says, have guys heard of textools.net for semantic keyword analysis and could you comment on it please. They're are having summer special and a 14-day free trial. Well I hadn't looked at it yet, I guess we can look at it very quick. Let’s see text tools I'd have to read through this little bit. I don't know anything about it. This is the first I've heard about it. I'd have to look at it a little bit more and I'm certainly not going to do that on a call right now. Has anybody else here heard of this before?

Male: No, not on my end.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Well we can check it out and then comment back on the event page once we've looked at it or comment on it next week. Thanks for pointing that out, it’s given us something to look at Greg. I don't have a comment for you right now.

How To Link Out Geo-Relevant Expired Domains To Local Money Site?

Ryan says, I'm finding lots of geo relevant expired domains from old local businesses but have very little backlinks. How you typically link out to local money sites from these or do you just add a URL or brand link somewhere on the page or do you add some content? Would it be better to save your exact match anchors for domain to provide more link juice? Thanks. That's a good question Ryan. What I've been doing is it's not, I don't care about the number of backlinks when I'm scraping domains. I'm not really worried about that.

What I look for, is I look for the trust flow numbers and the topical trust flow category so I want to make sure that it is relevant. Then what I do is I look at the age of the inbound links going to that domain. In other words I'll go look at archive.org, the way back machine and I'll take a look and see if for example one of the domains that I want to purchase, let’s say it’s only got two referring domains, right? One of the links is like from 2006 and then the other ones from like 2010. Chances are that link is never going to be removed. I don't really care about the quantity of links. I used to when I was buying expired domains like that the traditional PBN style back building PBN's when you just go out and find expired domains based on purely metrics and you didn't care about topical relevancy or any of that stuff.

It was more about the number of backlinks, the number referring domains. Because once you would rebuild the site or build a new site onto that domain, then Webmasters over time would start removing the link to that site because it was no longer relevant to what it had been, it was new content and that kind of stuff. With traditional PBN domains over time they would lose their back links. They were like a finite resource, they would only last so long. That wasn't always the case but that was more often than not the case. With the domains that I'm buying now, I don't really care if, like I'll buy domain, it just has one inbound link, no kidding.

If it's a powerful inbound link and if it's going to serve a purpose then I'll go ahead and purchase it even if it has just one inbound link. Again I checked to make sure that the age is there. If it was a one inbound link, it was just placed last year, then I might not do it because there is a likelihood that that's going to be removed. If it was a link placed in 2008 and it's been there for eight years, chances are it's never going to be removed and so that would still be valuable in my opinion.

How I slink from those to my money site? Well what I typically do is will rebuild the old site using the way back rebuilder, the one inside of each of backlinks. Those of you that aren't using Blue Chip Backlinks, Terry Kyle came out with just the way back rebuilder, is like a spinoff from Blue Chip Backlinks and it's cheaper than Blue Chip Backlinks. I don't remember what it is, I think it’s like 37 a month or something like that. To be honest with you should go ahead and get Blue Chip Backlinks if that's the case. What I'd typically do is just rebuild the site and then I'll just put a link right on the homepage of the site. Like all other links on the site will be no follow and there will be one to follow link that I'll hack into the site like on the front page of site because it’s just an HTML page. I go in and edit the HTML, update the index.html file and save it to the server. It worked to the Amazon S3 or wherever hosting it in and that's it and I leave it alone. Because those are genuine real sites, right?

I just usually put it in it. Sometimes there are footer links. I know you've got a little bit more careful with doing for footer links and that kind of stuff. That's what I've been doing and it works really well. It’s different than like if you were some spamming using traditional style PBN with a bunch of blog posts on it because those look like PBNs, you know what I mean? When you're rebuilding old sites, they look like legitimate sites because they were legitimate sites. I'll just put a link on the homepage somewhere and that's it. That's how I do it. Remember if you're concerned about that, which you should be, you've got to be careful. You can always link to tier one IFTTT property preferably one that has a do follow link back to your money site, so you can link to that. Or you can set up one expired domains that you've rebuilt and then point all of your subsequent expired domains to that one so that you essentially creating like a buffer site and you can do that as well.

Do I add more content? No, I'm not building PBN style sites at all anymore. All I do now is rebuilt old sites that's it. That way I don't have to come up with content, I don't have to theme the blogs, I don't have to, nothing. I just unzip the file, upload it to the server, go in and edit my index.html file, add my link and I'm done. Never have to touch it again.

Would it be better to save your exact anchor text for domain provide more linkages. Yeah I mean you can. What I do is I just typically will if I'm going to build like 10 links back my money site, then I'll use 10 different anchors text, things like that so that they're not all the same. That's up to you. Again what you could do was always use an exact match anchor from one rebuilt site that points to your money site and then link to that rebuilt site with all the subsequent domains and use different variations then. Does that make sense? So that you're only providing one exact match anchor back to your site, but then you’re juicing that link with a bunch of other relevant links using LSI or co-occurring type keywords, okay?

What Is The Recommended Way In Setting Up Email Accounts For Small Businesses?

Scott says when setting up email accounts for small business folks what is a recommended way? I find using cPanel one hosting is troublesome and I'm thinking of using Gmail but somehow make it look like it's coming sending, from their domain name which you can do with Google apps, right? Can't you do that with Gmail apps or whatever it’s called?

Hernan: Yeah I think.

Bradley: I don't do it that way, I set up on webmail and then I set up an alias in Gmail.

Hernan: That's what I do as well for small businesses. Yeah Scott, if they work with Gmail you can redirect the email account to your Gmail and then set up an alias like a reply from, so that they are replying from the at their domain dot com. That's is pretty straight forward.

Bradley: Yeah I know in Google apps you can do that. Somehow I've done in the past but I had to get some help because it was kind of geeky setting up bunch of MX records and stuff in your DNS server for your domain and all that. I know somehow through Google apps you can still use your domain but everything runs through the Google servers instead. Because the way that I still do it now, though is I run everything through webmail. Then I just create and alias and set up SMTP settings in Gmail so that I can send and receive email from my Gmail account, but it's actually still going through my hosting account in my webmail server.

You can do it through, you can do it the other way around where you can have all the emails go through the Google server but you have to do that through Google apps. I'm not 100% sure how to set that up. I had to get help. It was like three years ago when I did it and I had to get help with it. Let's see, I found tutorials from Google however it was not very specific on transferring all older emails over so it seamless to the client and hassle-free to me. Yeah I don't know about transferring old emails. Every time I've ever done it, it's always just been from once you have done the setup from that point forward, there may be a way to import all the old emails. I don't know how to do that though unfortunately Scott, I can't give you any guidance on that.

How To Create A Google Plus Page Login? 

John says and we still got about 10 minutes. John says trying to create a Plus page logins of people can get into the page that way and V2 both sections three video 11 and section eight video two reference a create plus page login option but it doesn't appear to be available now and I'm not finding an update video on the subject. Did Google move or remove this? No John it’s still available. I'm going to have to share my desktop here for me to be able show you that. It is absolutely still available. What you're probably doing is you probably assigned yourself as a page manager and you're trying to edit or create a page login as through the manager account and not through the owner account. You can't do that, you have to be logged in as the page owner.

This Stuff Works

The profile that actually owns it you have to be logged in under that account in order to set up third-party access which is a page login, okay? My guess is that you're set up as a as a manager. Let grab the whole screen here so that everybody can see this and I'll show you. I just wanted to confirm that that wasn't the case, so I actually set it up myself earlier today just to confirm. You guys should all being seeing my entire screen and it probably got really messy just now. What I want to do is move this out of the way, I've got too many damn windows going on here guys forgive me. Let me move this to chrome.

Hernan: That is kind of psychedelic [inaudible 00:42:30].

Bradley: It's messy, isn't it?

Hernan: Its window inception?

Bradley: Yeah it is. One known side of a window. Okay so on Facebook you guys are seeing chrome and you guys aren't seeing chrome you have to see my whole window in order for this to work. From your Google my business page manager, you're just going to select on the page. Make sure that you're logged in as the profile that owns the page. You can't do this is a page manager, okay? I know you guys are hard to see, let me actually just expand this a little bit. That's not going to work. That's all right, you guys can see what I'm talking about. From here just click on the settings, again you have to be the page, you have to be logged in the Google account as the page owner. From settings you just scroll down and it's right here third-party tools, right there.

That's how you set it up, this is the page username right here, you click setup password, you're going to have to enter in the profile account password in order … Once you click setup password it’s going to prompt you to enter in the profile password again. Then you click that, once you click that, then it will ask you to set up a separate password as the page login. This is the page login username/email right there. Again if you're logged in as a manager instead of the owner, this right here won't even show up. That's probably the problem you're having John. All right?

Let’s go back to this Firefox because I know that was probably confusing. Are you guys seeing that?

Hernan: That's why you need to get another monitor Bradley.

Bradley: Yeah probably. No, because then I would be like way confused. A bunch of windows and a bunch of monitors, that is the perception there.

Hernan: Turn this into the matrix or something.

Bradley: Have an ice cream headache by the end of the show. Did Google move it? No, if not is there a work around trick? No, I just showed you how to fix it, you're probably logged in as a manager. Any suggestions on what we should I guess on what should we used to log into feed burner to create the plus page RSS feed URL. I'm not sure what you mean by that. Any suggestions on what we should use to log in the feed burner to create the plus page RSS feed URL? Just log in through the profile that you're logged in with.

Hernan: Right because you can login with the profile or with the page login. I mean you can do both. It depends, I mean you could create blogger, yeah like regular Google accounts like blogger. I'm not sure about, YouTube for sure and feed burner from your page login. We usually do it from the yeah from the profile login but sometimes you can do it from the page login itself.

Bradley: Yes, I mean from feed burner all I do is like from usually I'd be logged in as the profile or is the page anyways that I'm working on because I do all kind of work in Firefox for the most part. You just go over to feed burner and just create your feeds that way. Maybe I'm not understanding question John because it seems to me like it's pretty self-explanatory. If you can clarify that if you're here.

This Stuff Works
Jacobs is back. Hey Jacob, good to see you back man, it’s been a while. Zane is here, cool. Let’s see, we are almost out of time anyways so this is probably good.

Adam: [Inaudible 00:46:05] answer the [inaudible 00:46:06] question there.

Bradley: Okay.

Adam: Sorry you weren't there yet.

What Are The Advantages Of Using City Domain Extensions In Local Optimization?

Bradley: Chris says, “Hey guys have you have any experience with local using city domain extensions like …? No, I haven't done that yet. I don't even know they were available. I would try that. It would be worth giving it a shot. I'm not really that good at success with some of those fancy domain extensions like I just try to stick with .net or .coms, .nets, .orgs for the most part. That's kind of cool, it might be worth testing on a lead gen site. In fact I might actually test that. I'm building out a whole bunch of leads gen sites right now for the local kingpin training. I might actually touch that. Okay, cool. We are almost done. AdWords announced paid pins are coming late 2016, early 2017 on their live event last month. That was it Jacob, that's where I heard it. It was there. It was the guy John Mueller whatever Moller or whatever the hell his name is. That's exactly what I was talking about. Okay [inaudible 00:47:09] question was answered. Is that correct?

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: Okay looks like we're done. Thanks Zane for contributing. Zane is a partner of ours in mastery PR and we got some really cool stuff coming up for you guys. I'm not going to spill the beans just yet, but it's really cool we got coming up. We've got another product next month coming out and the next one in August excuse me October.

Adam: All right, well we are done. Thanks everybody for being here. We will be back next week. Those of you that … Did we drop the OBS webinar?

Hernan: We did and I just put it on there again. I wanted to stay in case anybody's listening who wasn't on earlier, at 5:00 Bradley's going to be showing you guys how to use OBS open broadcast software. How to use that, it’s what we're using now to stream. Pretty powerful software. There is no pitch with this, it’s just showing you guys how we do what we do. If you're interested in using live streaming and you should be. If you're doing anything with video or you're interested in it, then click the link at go sign-ups free webinar and it starts in 11 minutes.

Bradley: Yeah, we will see you guys in just a few minutes then. Thanks guys we will see you in a bit.

Hernan: Thanks.

Male: Bye everyone.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 80

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 80 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.


Adam: Hey everybody, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is episode 80. Today is the 18th of May, but only until midnight. So we are here … I heard that. We got the whole crew on today. What's up Bradley?

Bradley: Just, we need one of those du-du-du.

Adam: Yeah, just maybe the sad horn, wah-wah-wah. All right so Chris, how's it going man?

Chris: Excellent, how are you doing?

Adam: Can't complain. Finally getting some sun here, it's the middle of May. It's starting to act like spring. Hernan, how's Barcelona?

Barcelona is nice. I have the carpet on the wall right here, and it's really nice. We're getting summer here too, so great.

Adam: You got to post some more pictures man. I like seeing the travel pictures.

Hernan: Yeah, it's definitely something to do.

Adam: Cool, awesome.

Bradley: Is hanging rugs on the wall a Barcelona thing?

Hernan: Yeah. Probably yeah. Apparently, I get here and it was like that. I'm assuming it is.

Adam: That's his temporary sound studio.

Bradley: Got it, for acoustics.

Adam: Marco, how's it going man?

Marco: I'm still in paradise man.

Adam: Good deal, good deal. I take it the weather's a little bit better. No storms today?

Marco: It still rains in the afternoon, I'll get a rainstorm, but it's the price you pay for the life you live. It's cool.

Adam: Awesome. Hey Bradley, what's up?

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Bradley: Many, I'm trying to multitask and type on the events page while at the same time [crosstalk 00:01:37].

Adam: I was about to say, well keep going. I'll run through some announcements, and then we'll get going here pretty quick everybody. Real quick I wanted to let everybody know our mastermind webinar in two weeks is coming up, so we have mastermind has private webinars every two weeks. We're going to have Lisa Allen back on. She's launching, and I don't want to butcher the name. Bradley do you remember, is it Rank Feeder, or is it …

Bradley: Rank Feeder, yes.

Adam: That's it, yeah, okay. She's going to come on and be talking about co-citations and some other stuff. Eventually we're going to talk to her, and see if she's okay with pushing some of that information out. For now it's just going to be with mastermind, and then we'll see what we can workout later.

We've got a really cool contest coming up. I'm just going to show you the back of something that somebody could win. Not just somebody. We're going to give away several, and there's going to be some additional prizes, including some memberships to our various courses. That's going to be coming up here int he short term, hopefully here in the next couple of weeks. Once me and Hernan get things hammered out.

Then, we're on episode 80, so it's a little ways off, but we're going to have fun on episode 100, but episode 104 is going to be the true two year anniversary. We're going to have some fun stuff going on with that. Obviously it's still a couple months away, but just wanted to let everyone know we're going to be doing something special. That's is for me, does anybody else have anything?

Bradley: As far as announcements, yeah I got one.

Marco: I'm not giving anything away today.

Adam: Nothing free from Marco today.

Bradley: The contest by the way guys is going to be really cool. Is it a contest or just a sweepstakes, or do we know yet?

Adam: Yeah, we're working out the details. That's why I didn't, we'll tell you more when we have it. I just wanted to let everybody know to … You'll hear about it. We'll send out an email at least, or mention id on the Hump Day Hangouts.

Bradley: The only announcement I have is, guys I just posted on the events page, I'll grab the screen here in just a moment, but there's an article that came out on ReelSEO, and it's talking about the YouTube's audience reach between the demographics 19 to 49 year olds. YouTube is reaching more 18 to 49 year olds than the top ten prime time US TV shows. The article in itself can be used as a way to up sell your clients on selling them for YouTube ad management. It's a great article, and so I posted it on the events page there, so that you guys cn go click on it, save it, whatever, bookmark it. If you do any client SEO work, or you have clients period, you might want to send them an email with a link, and a summary of what this article is, and a link over to this article. Pitch them on the importance of taking advantage of YouTube advertising. Because it's so dirt cheap, and it's not hard. It's not nearly as difficult to run YouTube ads as it is Google AdWords, like regular AdWords for Google Search.

It's a great way to generate additional revenue for your own business, as well as get some results for your clients. I dropped that link on the page. I've sent it out to mine already, and I've already had two of my clients call me up and ask me more, to give them more information about YouTube ad management for them. Like I said, you can use it as a way to pitch them a soft pitch by sending them some information that's going to validate the fact that if they're not advertising on YouTube, they're missing out on the younger demographics for their businesses. Which I think is pretty amazing that YouTube is actually getting more viewership during prime time TV time then even the top ten shows are for that demographics. To me that's pretty incredible. Anyway, I dropped it there.

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There's also a link underneath that for Justin Sardi's Video Ads Crash Course, for anybody that doesn't know how to run YouTube ads. It's a $97 course. Great, great course. Justin Sardi's the one who taught me how to run YouTube ads. You can pick that up there, and in fact, any of you that are worried about … That don't want go purchase another $97 course or whatever. What you can do is actually send this article out to your existing client base, and see if anybody bites. If they're interested in it, then you can purchase the course. Because you know that you're going to sell them on a YouTube ads campaign anyways, if that makes sense. I just wanted to share that with you guys. All right, anything else, or should we get into questions?

Adam: Yeah, let's rock and roll.

Bradley: Okay, let's do it. Hopefully you guys will find that helpful. I already clients.

Adam: What I meant to say was, let's get into it, Woo! I'm working on my webinar.

Bradley: Yeah, anyways, I've had two clients come back already and ask me for more information. By the way Wayne I want to say thanks for that dude, I'm going to have nightmares.

Adam: That reminds me of Mimi for the Drew Carey Show, it's been a few years.

Hernan: That's actually, Bradley demographics, so.

Would You Build Links From Reregistered Expired Domains To Branded IFTTT Network?

Bradley: Tim says, “Hey guys, hope you're all doing well. I just want to thank you guys for the weekly hangout real quick. It's been super helpful, and very informative. Keep up the good work guys.” You're welcome, I will plus one that. “Okay, so my question is about PBN's. Every now and then when I scrape expired domains I find some with clean back link profile, clean anchor text profile, just everything about this domain screams register me, except for the who is history. When I check these domains on archive.org you can clearly see they were re-registered at some point, and used as a PBN, or had Chinese/Japanese content on it, or it had been used for domain parking. Let's say I buy these domains, and I'm able to re-index them, so no Google penalty. Would you build links from these domains to your branded IFTT network, or not even do that, because these domains are too risk to use in your opinion?

Yeah, to build links from those to your IFTTT network should be fine. What I would recommend doing, personally I won't buy a lot of those domains. Just if I see that they had been re-registered and used as a PBN at some point, or they got Chinese characters on the way back machine, any of the pages from the way back machine, or something like that. Then I typically won't use them. Only because a lot of the times they won't index, because they have some manual penalty, and that's why they were dropped to begin with. The person that re-registered them to use as a PBN, or for a spam site. The only reason they probably dropped the domain is because it was most likely the index. It's going to be difficult for you to get it re-indexed again. Unless you rebuild it to a previous state, and then submit for a re-inclusion, or reconsideration request, for re-inclusion into the index. Again, that's a lot of additional work that I just will skip all that, and just not purchase those domains if I can clearly see that there was some history like that, spam history.

This Stuff Works

That said, I've also purchased domains that have no indication of spam history, and then I buy them, and I register, or put a site on them, or rebuild way back from the archive.org, the html pages. Then when I submit it to search council it's already, it's been, it's received a manual spam action penalty, so it's be de-indexed. What I'm saying is, sometimes when you're buying domains, if I know, if I can verify that there was a history of spam at some point, I would generally just not purchase it all together. That said, sometimes even the cleanest of domains will have a penalty, and you won't know it until after you purchase it. If you are able to get it re-indexed, then yeah, there's no reason you can't use it. I just wouldn't link directly to my money site, just because of the history. I would link it to a first tier property instead. Anybody else want to add to that, or can we move on?

Hernan: Yeah, I just wanted to say real quick that you will find a ton of domain, that they will use, as you were saying, as PBN's before, but Google really went down chasing those domains, that you will find beautiful domains that they already indexed. That's why, that's exactly what you were saying. I had the experience that add in a persona, and restoring that domain, and they look really good, and if you add a nice GGP mad work to them, you know you make them look legit, real legit. Usually most of the times you will get that domain back, like re-indexed. You need to take that extra work to make it appear not as PBN anymore.

Bradley: I've only got about a 60% success rate on getting domains that had manual spam actions reconsidered. When I've submitted a reconsideration request I've only had about a 60% success rate on that. To me it's more work than it's worth, so I just try to avoid them. Although, like I said, there's sometimes I'll buy domains that there's no indication at all that they were ever spam, and once they're re-registered they're automatically in penalty, and that's there's nothing you can do at that point except make the attempt to have it re-indexed. Right, otherwise you just abandon it, and move onto the next one. Which I've done that as well.

What Link Velocity To Use For Blue Chip Backlinks To Build A Private Link Network?

James says, “Hey y'all I have a lead gen site for home service contractor that started climbing the rankings from zero listings to now on page three to five for multiple keywords in city with a population of nearly one million.” Good job James. “I've achieved this by purchasing your branded IFTTT network setup, and I post it to my blog at least once per week. Going great so far. I'm about to purchase blue chip back links to start building out a private link network, and slowly dripping highly relevant links to my site. Bradley, what link velocity to suggest for this type of back linking?

Well, there's a couple of things I would say. Obviously it's going to depend, it always depends. That's my standard answer for any SEO question is it depends. However, I can give you some guidelines or parameters based on what I do. Number one is go look at the competitors. Who you're competing against, take a look at their back link profile, and get an idea. Remember a lot of local sites guys, don't typically … It depends on the niche, and your city, and everything else, but a lot of them don't have a boat load of back links. You got to take a look at the overall back link profile of your top, the top ranking sites, and then get idea of how many links you think you're going to need based on those other numbers. Then you want to start building them out in a way to where you're not … For example, you wouldn't want to build 30 links in a week. 30 back links from a private link network in a week to your site, unless you were competing with sites that hundreds and hundreds, or even thousands of links, right? In that case you might be able to get away with.

If your competitors are only dealing with 100 back links, or 80 back links, or 120 back links, somewhere around there. Then you might want to start going 2, 3, 4 links per week, but I would take it really slow in the beginning. Because if you're buying blue chip back links, if you're buying domains from blue chip back links that are really relevant, and have really good metrics, you're not going to need that many links for you to get some significant results. I would, personally, I would start off with 2 or 3 links maybe right off the bat. Just make sure you're not hitting the same anchor texts. You want to have like a brand link, a naked URL, and perhaps a keyword link. Then give it some time, and wait. You've got to be patient when you start building links like this, because when you build the links you got to wait a couple of weeks, monitor the results, and then go add a couple more links.

You don't want to go to fast, because then it will look unnatural. You just have to be patient, and it sucks. What I find is that a lot of times, especially when you're using really high quality domains that you're purchasing, is that it ends up taking a lot less than you think it will. For the most part, for you to be able to get the kind of results. As long as you're buying good domains when you do it. You'll find out that even though the waiting sucks, because you've got to be slow. You can still end up getting the … I'm sorry I got distracted by all that noise.

Hernan: Sorry about the boinks.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: No, worries. Anyways, if you have really high quality domains, you might think it's going to take me 20 back links that I'm going to have to purchase these domains, and rebuild these sites. You end up being able to achieve the results with only 12 back links. Because you were patient, and you waited, and those actually took effect. What's good about that, is then you have some … Let's say you had already purchased 20 domains, or that was your intent originally. Now you've got essentially eight domains left in the budget for backup, or for reinforcements when you need it, if that makes sense. You don't want to, remember guys, I always talk about using the bare minimum to rank stuff, so that you always have reserves. You always have stuff left in reserve in case you need it. Anyways, hopefully that makes sense. You want to add to that at all, Hernan or anybody?

Marco: Nah, I think that you nailed it.

Hernan:Sorry Marco, but the anchor text is one of the most important points to control right now. I think you explained that real good job.

Bradley: Yeah, I mean I would start with just a brand and a URL anchor, and then probably one keyword anchor of some sort first. Just to prime your site, because you're going to be pushing some juice into it. Some decent equity into it from those three links. Then from there you can start using some variations of the keywords, and things like that in order to start pushing that relevancy.

Is It Good To Rotate Too Much Keywords In IFTTT Networks?

Earl says, “Am I making a rookie mistake? On posts for clients I tend to put in two links to their sites. One is from a rotating list of keywords we want to rank for, and I also include one branded link to their company name. Then they are shared via IFTTT to our networks. Since I'm asking a basic question, let me continue with, am I making a mistake by rotating keywords too much, some clients have quite a few, or should I be hammering one to three main ones until they stick?” No, keep rotating Earl. “We post at most once a week, sometimes only once or twice a month, and already have something of an established presence.”

Yeah, I wold still just keep rotating. That's much more natural. It's going to give you an overall diversified anchor text profile. Which is going to be better for your site long term. I wouldn't start hammering away on one to three terms, that could get you into trouble.

Hernan: Yeah, in fact, I think that one of the best way to go in this case is to not use the same keywords twice, linking to an internal page. Let's say that you want to rank for red juice You will use different variations every time you're posting to that particular page. As you would find naturally online, because it's really hard to, two people will link using the exact same anchor text. You can use variations in LSA For the different links as well. That usually works really well. If you are posting to, if you're scheduling 10 posts, and all of them you want to link all of them to the same page. Which you could do if you drip feed them over the next three months or something, you can use different anchor texts every time, so you have 10 different anchor texts but variations of the same anchor text. That usually works well in my cases.

Is National Type Of Authority Better Than Local County Or City Wide Authority When It Comes to Lead Gen Sites?

Bradley: Cool, okay Mark says, “Hey guys I've got a question. When you're building lead gen sites, do you prefer a more national type authority site, or a more local county, or even city wide type site? Thanks.”

I usually do regional type sites. I've been a bit more ambitious in the past, and wanted to go after national type sites, but those projects always end up petering out at some point, and I might monetize some of those projects but they're only … They only scale to a certain point, and that may just be because I've lost interest in the project. You know what I mean? My point is the national type sites, there's a lot to consider with those sites ahead of time. You've got to try to think, because you've got to plan for those long terms. Because those are massive, massive sites, and it's going to take you a lot of work to build those first of all, but second of all to maintain them. You've got to be able to scale your infrastructure and all that. Personally I like to stick with either city sites, or regional sites. A few times I've done some state wide sites for clients that cater to an entire states.

This Stuff Works

For the most part I stick with more regional, so there might be like for example, Norther Virginia. It's an area that has multiple counties right outside of Washington DC. Most of my clients, they service all of the Northern Virginia area, so we end up siloing their sites out using counties, and in cities, and that sort of thing. Hopefully that makes sense, but I prefer more regional type sites personally, just because they're a bit easier to manage than a big, big site. Although it's really up to you.

Hernan: Yeah, and it makes a little sense to attack a project like that. Because that way, when you can rank locally or regionally, it's usually easier than to rank for national terms, or to rank for 50 different states, or something like that. You will actually end up making more money initially, or making some money initially that you can then reinvest in the project to keep growing it. As you were saying, scaling, and that usually keeps the motivation strong. You know what I mean? Otherwise you are planning for the long term, and you have to keep the fire going. Even one year and you are still not seeing results. Which is normal case scenario when you are planning for a big national sites.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: Also if I can just add this. National sites usually have regional offices, and the one thing that most people fail to do when they're going after a national site, is to establish that trust and transparency of having one central office, and then whether it's a franchise, or whether it's regional offices, extending. They have a lot of trouble, because then you're dealing with multiple locations, and how do I get maps for multiple locations, and that's part of the process. It's something that you have to think about, and you have to figure out how you're going to do that.

What Are Some Good Examples Of Elevator Pitches For Semantic Web And IFTTT Networks?

Bradley: Cool. Okay, let's see. Rick Dawes says, “Hello, having difficulty explaining the concept and benefits of semantic web, and IFTTT networks succinctly. I'd like to be able to discuss the SEO and traffic benefits without being to wordy or nerdy. Can you give examples of elevator pitches?”

Yeah, well because Rick, the thing is if you're trying to explain semantic web, as soon as you say semantic web, your clients eyes, I guarantee you, gloss over, and they're daydreaming at that point. Because they have no idea what the hell you're talking about. All you need to do with you're talking to a potential client, or a prospect, or whatever about this, is just talk about the benefits of content marketing on a regular basis and updating social media. Because that's something that they can understand, and they most likely already are aware of the fact that they should be marketing, and producing content, and updating social medial regularly, and they're probably not. At least that's my experience with the type of businesses that I deal with. Is they already know that they're supposed to be doing this stuff, but they don't.

Part of the reason they don't is they don't know how, or they think it's too difficult, or they don't know what we know. About how we can set it all up and automate it. I just talk about that benefits of having regular content that's relevant to their industry, and that their audience would potentially like to consume. That will also have the SEO benefit, and the updating of the social media benefit as well. I talk about the benefits that they're going to receive, and I try to dumb it down to where it's not technical at all. Because as soon as you start mentioning technical terms you're going to lose your audience. You are going to lose your prospect. If that makes sense.

Hernan: Want to hear my pitch?

Bradley: Sure.

Hernan: I'm going to positively effect your bottom line. How I do that is up to me. If I don't do it, you don't pay me, period. I mean it's really that simple. When you can bring it down to those terms, where they can see, “Okay, so he's going to make me money, and if he doesn't make me money, then I can get rid of him. If he does make me money, I want to keep him.” You let them do all the thinking. You don't have to do the thinking for them. Deliver the pitch that way man, and it's a whole lot easier dealing with the client. Because that way you're dealing in terms that they … They understand money. Everyone understands money. It's just how you come across in delivering that message of how you can make them money.

Bradley: One of the things that I, I like to ask questions when I'm pitching. I like to ask the clients questions and lead them into thinking that it's their own decision. For example, I'll say Mr. Business Owner, I'm sure you're aware of the fact that you should probably be marketing on social media, and updating, and interacting on a regular basis. Am I right? No, yes, yeah. Well is there any reason why, or what does your marketing situation look like right now? What are you dong for social media marketing, and are you active on Twitter and Facebook, and blah-blah-blah? I let them start to tell me how poor their marketing is. A lot of it, sometimes they'll say, “Oh, you know occasionally I'll put a Facebook post up, and blah-blah-blah.” I'll say, yeah, but can you really expect that produce any results if you're not active on a regular basis, and updating content that's timely, and blah-blah-blah? By just asking them to reveal what they're currently doing, it forces them to realize, through them telling me what they're doing, that they have a sub par marketing campaign.

This Stuff Works

Their marketing is not where it should be, and so it makes the sale so much easier. That's why, again, I don't talk about the technical stuff. I just talk about the things that they probably already know they should be doing, that they're probably not doing really well, and I let them tell me about how poorly they're doing it. Then that's when I can very easily say, well I can do this, or I can do that. I can update your content. We can provide the content marketing services for you, so you don't have to do a damn thing. All the stuff, and that's usually where the sale comes from.

Adam: Yeah, I was thinking too, I like the way Bradley started off with that, about going in, basically getting the yeses, but doing mini closes. Do you want this? Yes, of course, I mean frame this correctly, but what do you want? Is this what you want? Is this how you want to beat your competition? Get them to be agreeing with you, and then go in, and think of it just from a closing standpoint. Even though you're just telling them about something. You have two choices, do you want to do this, and be future proofed, or do you want to do this and fall behind? I mean that's one option for closing. You have excuses or you can move forward. If you have excuses today, that's fine, and you don't want to do it. That's great. Then you're going to have to make your own elevator pitch. Because nothing we're going to say is going to work exactly for your business.

I would create the one paragraph thing you pitch people, an then if they say, “Okay, I want more details.” That's when I would have a PDF or something ready to go, and be like we'll send it over to you, you can read through it. Kill them with details. Don't sit there and tell them all about it. I don't know why anybody would do that, but you need to tell them clearly what the benefits are, and then do a closing on it. Here's your two choices, you can either be future proof and move forward ahead of you competition, or not. Again, that's just one. Then back it up and say, “Hey, I'll send you this PDF I wrote that explains this type of stuff.”

Bradley: Yeah, and then you get them on your email list anyways, because now they're warm leads, and you can send them auto responders to sell them down the road if they don't purchase right away.

Adam: Yep.

How To Test The Effectiveness Of New Links?

Bradley: R. Bacon, he says, “Bradley, you often recommend testing whenever you try something different. Can you give some suggestions on the best ways to test the effectiveness of new links?” Well, no I don't test new links, as far as you can do it. For example, if you were to purchase an expired domain, rebuild the old content on it, had great metrics, blah-blah-blah. You could poke somebody else's site with it, or a web two site or something like that if you want. In fact Terry Kyle even did a short training, I think it's on his blog, so I think it's available for anybody. Where he talks about doing that, buying an expired domain that has good metrics, topically relevant to what it is that you're going to ultimately be linking to.

Find somebody else in that industry of, or another similar type site or whatever, that is back on page two or three, something like that. Page three, and then point the link there with just a redirect by the way. You don't even have to rebuild the old site, you can just do a redirect to that site that that page that's on page three, or whatever like that of Google Search results and just monitor it. See if it jumps. It was back on page three so it's not going to hurt, and then if it does jump, and you get let's say it jumps from page three to position fourteen, you know that that link had a positive effect on it. Then at that point you can remove the redirect and redirect to your own site.

This Stuff Works

What I would suggest doing is at that point rebuild the domain and then just put a link from that domain over to your money site. You can poke other peoples sites, they don't have to be your own, but if you already have some digital assets in that particular industry that are web twos, or whatever, you can always test them on those first. Personally I don't do it. I don't do all that, because it's just too much time, and I'm too impatient. What I do is just purchase the domains, rebuild the sites, and then put a link to my site, and monitor the site that I link to. Which is my money site, and see what effect or changes it had. Sometimes it doesn't have any effect. I got to be honest, but sometimes I get significant jumps just from one link.

You can definitely poke other peoples property's, they don't have to be your own, or you could setup, like I said, some web twos are something like that. If you don't want to … But again, if you just build it and point it to your money site, if you're already ranking really well, and you're worried about it potentially causing harm. Then yeah, go ahead and test on other sites. If you're not ranking yet anyways, what harm is it going to do to point it directly at your money site, and then monitor the results? If it didn't help at all, or it actually caused it to drop a couple spots, which it may. Because that's the typical Google dance guys.

Remember that's what I was talking about earlier when he was, Tim or James, was asking about link velocity. Is you don't want to go too fast. If you point a link at your site, and it could drop two or three spots right after pointing link to it, but give it some times. Give it a couple weeks. Because it's just doing the normal Google dance at that point. That one link might have made it drop two or three spots, but in two weeks time it could be positive five spots. You got to give it a little bit of time. That's why personally I don't test on other people's … I don't do that testing new links, just because it takes too much time for me, and I'm too impatient.

Will Link Juice Be Transferred Automatically From Non-Canonical URL To Canonical URL?

Randy says, “If I build links to a non canonical URL, will that link just be automatically transferred by Google to the canonical page, and the canonical page will rank well, but the non canonical will never be found in the search engine results?” Bingo Randy, and I'm going to move right on to the next question, because that's going to open up a whole lot of questions, but you're right on target buddy. That's exactly what would happen.

What Is The Best Starting Strategy For Generating Leads?

Chris says, and we talk about that in the mastermind, we've done training on that specifically, how to do that very strategically. Chris says, “If you are starting a new campaign for generating leads for a new client, let's say in something like home remodeling, what would be your starting strategy in a nutshell?” Go to two tiered network around a lead gen website and branded YouTube channel. Now I don't put two tiered networks around websites, only YouTube channels. I'll tell you in just a moment. “Also do you have a product that best covers lead gen fulfillment plus sales?”

Probably the only thing that we would add, like inside of the master class we talk about a lot of lead gen stuff, and we setup a lead gen site, and how to find the service providers, and all that stuff. That's all available inside the master class Chris. As far as what I would be doing, again, it's exactly what I did in the master class. We took a brand new lead gen site, I mean I started the campaign from scratch. It was part of the master class. It spanned about, I don't know what, six or eight weeks. I'd say, yeah, six or eight weeks is how much we covered that. It was brand new. We bought a brand new domain, we registered it, we build a brand new word press site, brand new IFTTT network, started posting content. Two or three posts per week, ordered a pack, citation pack, build the Google Plus local listing. We bought a PO box and used the street address option, so we had a physical location and address. Then we verified the Google Maps listing, and just did exactly what my normal launch strategy is for any lead gen site. It was all covered in the master class.

This Stuff Works

Very simply it's just you find the niche first. That's where you get, you spend most of your time up front trying to identify and find a profitable industry to build lead gen sites in, but number two, is try to find low hanging fruit. The easy ones to rank for guys, so that you're not beating yourself up over months, trying to rank a stupid site that may or may not be very profitable for you. Most likely, if you've done your research correctly, you've selected the proper industry, you're going to make money. I like to find the easy stuff, and for example, in the master class the city that I had selected, it is a growing city. It's growing very, very rapidly, but it's small. The competition level wasn't real high yet, and it was in the home remodeling industry by the way. The exact same industry you just mentioned. I was able to rank it to, into three pack for four out of my five keyword phrases in the eight weeks, starting brand new. With a brand new site, brand new everything, and it generates me money.

That's what I prefer going after the low hanging fruit guys, instead of going after the big cities. Start generating some revenue, build some momentum from having success. One success begets more. Success begets success, so you start having little successes, they'll start to snowball, and you can start going after the heavier, or the more difficult terms, the bigger cities. That kind of things. Really it's really, in master class we covered that in depth. I'd recommend that you come join us, and check it out over there.

Do You Remove Yoast Markup When Adding JSON LD In The Header?

God, that photo is awful. I'm going to scroll up just to get it off the screen. Chris Chapman says, “The Yeast SEO plugin had some markup in site header.” Yes it does. “If I want to add JSON LD markup manually do I remove the small amount of US markup or leave it?”

Well, if you clear the fields inside the Yoast plugin, the settings, like where you add in your social media URL's and that stuff, then it should clear the code anyways. Other than going in and editing the plugin files, which I don't recommend doing. Especially Yoast, because Yoast updates so damn much, the moment it updates it's going to rewrite the code. It's going to overwrite your edits anyways. I don't recommend that you ever edit the plugin files. If you just clear the fields, and you're going to add your own JSON LD, it should be okay. All right?

Can The Jsonld Markup Be In The Site-Wide Header Including All The Local Data And Same As Attributes? 

Can the JSON LD markup be in the site wide header, including all the local data, and the same as attributes? Yes. I thought I heard the local markup information should only be on pages that is also on the page. Not that's not true. You can put it in the header. In fact that's typically what you're going to do if it's a normal type website. If it's a site that has multiple locations, physical locations attached to the one site, then you wouldn't want a site wide JSON LD markup. Because you would have individual specific location pages, and you would want the JSON LD markup for that location, only on that location page. If you had something in the header, then you'd have conflicting local business data markups. Because you'd have two. You'd have one for the site wide address, and then you'd have one for the location. For multi location properties, you're going to want to put them on only those pages. In fact you could do that silo wide if you had siloed your site, there's ways to do that too. For most businesses you're going to just do site wide, and that would be go in the header. If you're using JSON LD markup, obviously.

Is 15 SameAs Attributes In The Markup Too Much?

All right, I have 15 same as attributes in the markup. Is that too many? Thank you. Nah, I mean if they're all the strong properties, and semantic hubs and stuff like that, no it should be fine. Oh that's awful, thanks a lot Wayne.

What Are Your Thoughts On Keeping/Creating Long Urls That Match Long Titles?

Dana says, “First off thanks to Marco for a great webinar on Monday. Awesome stuff. Question, what are your thoughts on keeping/creating long URL's that match long titles word for word when we create new pages and posts? I notice the Yoast plugin now takes long titles and chunkates the URL's to just a few basic words from the title when new pages post, or created. Which is preferred method these days?”

I'm going to say the shorter URL's. I personally like shorter URL's, and I think there's been some testing on that, or some surveys, like search metrics in MOZ and stuff like that to test that. Often time the shorter URL's, there's correlation between shorter URL's and higher rankings. That doesn't mean that that's the case. That's not proof but there's a correlation across large sets of sites that they've monitored or measured. Personally, as far as I'm concerned what Yoast does is just remove the stop words now, like and, of, it. Those stupid stop words, but I don't mind, I don't care if it shortens the URL. Sometimes when you have a long post title, the URL is stupid long anyways.

Hernan: Yeah, I think that shorter URL's are easier to remember for your audience. They are also easier to link to. If you think about it, it would make more sense that a shorter URL will have more links, or more visitors just because it's shorter URL. Instead of having it the entire title, I usually go for the keyword maybe, or something shorter. Because it's usually easier for the visitor to go that way.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Daniel says, “We hang rugs on walls in Russia too.”

Hernan: Cool.

Bradley: It's in Spain and Russia. John, it's posted in the mastermind buddy. The replay of the webinar that we did on Monday, it's posted in the mastermind, so I believe it's in the training updates section, so go check on it, you'll see it. I just posted it I think Monday evening.

Is It Worth The Hassle Of Sorting Through The Incoming Crap To Keep The Trackbacks & Pingbacks On Your Moneysite From Your Own Syndication?

Dos says … Oh cool, we're almost done. This is perfect guys. We might wrap up a couple of minutes early. Dos says, “Is it worth the hassle of sorting through the incoming crap to keep the track backs and ping backs on your money site from your own syndication?” No, I just turn that crap off. In fact for the most part … Well, it depends on what it is that you're doing, but for most of the sites that I manage I put the disable comments plugin on. Which removes that all together anyways. Because if we're going to allow comments on any one of our websites, we usually put in something like the discuss plug in, or some sort of social media commenting plugin, so that it … WordPress comments suck guys. I mean they're just, it's terrible. Those track backs and ping backs, that's a bunch of crap. It's a wast of time, so I just use the disable comments plugin, and just completely remove WordPress commenting function from WordPress all together. I just ignore all that stuff.

Do You Use Sitewide Links?

Ryan says, “Do you guys ever use site wide links usually branded I am guessing. For example I have client site with 20K, 20,000 plus pages with a site wide brand and anchor help, or does that power diminish over that many pages?”

Yeah Ryan, I would just no follow it, and yeah it absolutely diminishes. It used to be, I don't know if it's changed, but I just assume that it's still the same. Is that if you have multiple links from the same domain, that Google's only going to count like the top five links from that site. Whatever it deems are the most beneficial or whatever, to completely are ignored. If that makes sense. If you get 20,000 links from one site, then those are absolutely site wide links. I would first of all no follow it. Even if you, I certainly would do follow it, because that can get you into trouble. As far as I know, at least it was this way a couple of years ago. It may have changed, and I haven't done any recent testing on this guys, to prove it one way or the other, so don't quote me on it. It could be, it used to be where I think five links counted, and anything beyond that was just completely ignored. Do you have any data to back that up, Hernan?

Hernan: No, we'll need to retest that.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: I think it was around that. Around five, we will need to test back. Because that was last thing we knew, five links.

How To Use Scrapped Domains In IFTTT?

Bradley: That was 2014, I remember it. When I did that test so. It's been a couple of years, but I just assume it's the same. Side wide links, and anytime I know that I'm going to get a site wide link I no follow it anyways. “Liking blue chip back link so far. I feel a great strategy is just to register scrapped domains, redirect from registar to a IFTTT property and move on to the next one. Can you share some of the way's that you guys are share some of the ways that you guys are using these domains?

Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing Ryan. If I can get sites that are really topically relevant to what I'm going to be linking to, then I'll rebuild those sites, and then with the archive.org downloads. I'll rebuild them as html sites, and then I'll hack a link into the front, the first page, the index.html page, and pointing to my money site. If it's, it they're questionable, or they're not 100% relevant to what I'm going to be linking to, but they have the topical relevancy. Excuse me, the proper topical trust flow category. When you guys, searching domains, if you're using Majestic, you're going to see that the very first topical trust flow category that they show in that middle section. Where they show topical trust flow and then the number. That's what they call topical trust flow category zero. That's the one that's given the most weight. That domain is weighted, or leaning towards that particular category more than any of the other ones.

A lot of the times, if I were … For example, if I wanted to build a tree, and I was looking for the business/construction and maintenance category as my topical trust flow category for the domains that I'm purchasing. I might find plenty of them in the plumbing niche and the HVAC niche, but not a lot in the tree service niche. It's the same topical trust flow category that I'm going after, but the domains that I was … If I purchased the plumbing domain, an expired plumbing domain that had high trust flow metrics with the business/construction and maintenance as my top level topical trust flow category, then it still is a powerful, valuable link to me, but I don't want to link from a plumbing site directly to my money site. Don't get me wrong, I've done it, and I still do it when I'm lazy.

I would rather take that, and redirect that URL … Either rebuild the domain and point a link to a tier one property instead of direct to my money site. Because now I can actually push or inject that topical relevancy into the link. Because I'm taking a plumbing site link, pointing it to a tier one property that's about tree services, that's then linking to my tree service site. The link from the tree service tier one property is going to inject relevancy from the tree service content over through that link to my money site, if that makes sense. My point is, is yeah. If I've got really topical trust flow category matches, and the topical relevancy of the domain that I'm purchasing matches what I'm going to be linking to for my money site, then I will go ahead and build direct links to my money site. If it doesn't, but it's the proper topical trust flow category, then I will use a buffer site. Which is typically going to be one of my tier one properties.

This Stuff Works

By the way, if you have PBNs, remember you can do to boost this … Think about this Ryan. You can take, you can find a domain that is topically relevant to your domain, your money site. Rebuild that domain, right, put a link on it from the home page over to your money site. Then find a bunch of other domains that are in the same topical trust flow category, but may not be 100% relevant. Purchase them and just do 301 redirects, registar redirects, or HD access redirects, or even C panel redirects, you could do that too, the PBN site that you just built. The first domain that you purchased for link bulding. Does that make sense? You can basically boost the hell out of that one, because like for example with the tree service industry, a lot of the tree service sites, it's difficult to find good expired domains in that niche. I find a lot in the business/construction and maintenance niche.

It's, so what I'll do is occasionally when I find a landscaping site, or a tree service domain that I can purchase, then I'll point that to one of my tree service sites, and then I'll take bunch of the plumbing sites, and HVAC sites, and roofers sites, and stuff like that, and point them at that one domain. I'm basically powering it up, but I'm not pointing it direct to my money site, because the topical relevancy wasn't there. Hopefully that makes sense. Great question by the way Ryan. Great question.

Adam's yelling at me in slack so. Earl says, “Have you checked out Lisa Allen's RSS authority sniper?” Yeah, that's what we're going to have her on about Earl, and on June 2nd in the mastermind we're going to have her on. We might end up cutting out the webinar with her from the mastermind, and making that publicly available. We probably will, because she's going to be talking about RSS authority sniper 2.0 and Rank Feeder, and they're both really, really good products. If you can wait a couple weeks we're going to have her on, but yeah it is it's great. It's a good product.

Randy says, “Can you show that in your Majestic account?” Well, we've got to go but let me just, let me pull up one thing real quick. We'll go through this very quickly I promise. Let's look up, let's just go to Twitter. Right here, this is what I'm talking about. For most of the stuff that I work in guys, I work in a lot of the clients I do SEO stuff for, and lead gen sites are all in the homes services industry, so it's business, with the sub category of construction and maintenance. These are your topical trust flow categories in here. You can see business, construction, and maintenance. This is the category that I typically am looking for when I'm buying domains, because I can use them for pretty much all of my money sites, if that makes sense.

Whatever you see right here in this first position, this is what they call topical trust flow category zero. If you were download a back link report, then the way that they sort it in the CSV file, it's always going to show you topical trust flow category zero, that's going to be first, and that's going to be this number here with the category, so that's going to be the one that it's weighted the most. Hopefully that makes sense. All right guys, we got to wrap it up master class [crosstalk 00:46:20].

Marco: If I can just, if I can just add a little bit on this topical trust flow. You can manufacture your own.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: You don't have to rely on Majestic's metrics. Go and manufacture your own. Because as long as everything you're doing it's themed, and relevant, and topical, and you're posting regularly. You can build up your own topical trust flow in you niche. I mean we've show that in [inaudible 00:46:39]. How you can do that. [crosstalk 00:46:43]

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: Okay guys thanks. Master class starts in about ten minutes guys, we'll see you all over there. Those of you that are in master class. If you're not, well come join.

Adam: Yeah, and we got some good stuff for master class today. What are you talking about Bradley?

Bradley: Oh yeah.

Chris: We should tease that a little bit shouldn't we.

Adam: Hell yeah.

Bradley: I'm updating the crowd search training, although that's probably going to be made public as well. I'm going to be going through a whole other … Last time we did crowd search training webinar about it was over a year ago I believe, and so I'm redoing it. A lot of stuff has changed since then, so today we're going to do an actual formal training on how to use crowd search.

Adam: Cool, awesome product.

Bradley: Yep. Okay guys, thanks everybody, we'll see you in a few minutes.

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What Link Velocity To Use For Blue Chip Backlinks To Build A Private Link Network?

By April

In the 80th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked about the link velocity when using Blue Chip Backlinks to create private link networks or PLN.

The exact question was:

Hey y'all !!!

I have a lead gen site for a home service contractor that has started climbing the rankings from Zero listings to now on page 3 to 5 for multiple keywords in a city with a population of nearly 1 million. I've achieved this by purchasing your branded IFTTT network setup and I post to my blog at lease once per week. Going great so far. I'm about to purchase Blue Chip

Backlinks and start building out a PLN and slowly dripping highly relevant links to my site. Bradley, what link velocity do you suggest for this type of backlinking?

Hernan, I just watched your video on optimizing blog posts with rich media and high authority outbound links. Do you use this technique on blog content that gets syndicated via IFTTT and if so, do you use it on every post or just some posts for a more natural appearance?

Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

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