Podcast Episode 64 – How To Scrape Domains For Your PBNs With Bluechip Backlinks

By April


In this episode we talk about how you can scrape powerful domains using Bluechip Backlinks. This is a powerful piece of software (SaaS) from Terry Kyle.

You've probably heard us talking about “Bluechip Backlinks” before on Hump Day Hangouts or in other webinars. The main reason is that it really speeds up the process to finding great backlinks on domains that you can actually get your hands on.

It's an interesting way to get some amazing links from an expired domain to boost your money site and help build metrics like trust flow and authority.

As we mention in the podcast episode, it's pretty easy to get started and comes with video training to help you start using the domain crawler quickly and effectively.

Like all tools, you should consider how you can get the most out of it (finding topically relevant domains for backlinks) and how you can turn that into revenue before you start.

Overall, we think that it's a powerful tool for link building and building authority and trust and we've had good results, along with students who currently use the tool.

Not only can you do searches for domains yourself, but you get immediate access to lists their team puts together and updates with powerful backlinks from places like Wikipedia, CNN, Reuters, HubSpot, etc.

One of the favorite lists is the 5000+ domain list with Trust Flow of 10+.

If you're looking for a fast way to find domains with things like CNN backlinks, clean backlink profiles, good Moz DA (who cares? Well, if you do, this will help you…), and more, then at least do your due diligence and check it out!

Check out Bluechip Backlinks here: www.semanticmastery.com/bluechip


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