Is It Okay To Use Branded Email Instead Of Gmail When Setting Up An IFTTT Ring?

By April

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In episode 106 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if it's okay to use branded email instead of Gmail when setting up an IFTTT ring.

The exact question was:

Hi guys hope you dont feel too rough after Panama!

I have a national client in the UK whose website im setting up an IFTTT ring for and they already have some google properties in place.

Their google brand page and Youtube page are connected together under a website email through gmail like [email protected] and have posts and videos from 2 years ago so i wanted to use them rather than setup new ones. Is their branded/company email going to be a weakness/problem as opposed to an actual gmail like [email protected]? I do see through their Google account they have access to Google drive etc and the account shows connected sites and apps so im assuming its not a problem just the same as having a gmail?

They have given me a branded email from their gmail setup [email protected] and i have made myself an owner of their google my business local page, brand page and youtube account so will my new persona email get all the credit and trust an ifttt ring brings just the same as if i had setup a seperate gmail for them?

Long winded I know, punch me later 🙂

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